President’s Report

This was a banner year for our club. Our solo group had a great season with successful events at all our
locations. Good weather and great turnouts helped create lots of fun and competition and helped the
club reach a milestone of 220 members. We held a total of 11 autoslaloms as well as our ever popular
and always sold out High-Performance Driving School. Our able Solo director Scott Montgomery kept
everyone on time and safe.
Not only were the solo crew busy running these events, most of the same people could also be found at
AMP on race days, either competing, organizing or working the timing gear. Although race entries were
down this season our club Race director Joel Nelson was busy keeping several cars running as well as his
own and driving his best all day long. He and Scott, who was also trying to race, also put in long hours
helping with the lapping and time attack that took place on Saturday.
Rally director Ian Pearce was active helping sister club BAC with their successful rally season as well as
competing with his own rally ride and performing his marshalling duties with ARRCA at AMP. The ASCC
January rally was thwarted by weather again but we’ll once again try to organize a winter rally in 2019.
The club executive were active too. Alan Gray could be found at many events, either taking
memberships, competing or lending a hand with the organizers. Treasurer Brian Jarvis made sure our
bills were paid and kept up his driving skills at various courses as well. Secretary Evan Williams has a busy
work schedule but competed and attended as many events as he could, as well as being the region social
media guru, making sure all the latest news was available to all clubs and members. Director at large
Chris Ward is a big solo and rally fan and could be found competing at the odd event. Even the club
president was busy running her old Miata around and gridding cars on race day.
Many thanks also go out to honorary club members, the Partridge family, for once again running the
T&S show. With the increasingly record number of entries making for a long and busy day, we are
grateful for their support and dedication. We are fortunate to have so many skilled and experienced
people that we can rely on to make sure ASCC continues to offer quality, safe and fun events.
Our AGM will be December 11 at our usual location, Riverside Pub in Bedford. Once again we plan to
reward all ASCC members who attend with free karting at our January meeting at Kartbahn. We look
forward to 2019 and to hosting another busy schedule and having another record-breaking season.

Membership Report

221 Members as of Sept 1, 10 since then. That means we needed 44 for quorum and we have 45 including proxies.

Race Reports

2018 was not the season we were hoping for. With the introduction of a Pay-Per-series plan, and changing up the race day to equal out the races, We had high hopes for the season and May looked like we had a chance. The race school had 5 students. 1 racing with a previous racer and the other 4 bring 2 cars out. With 1 Hyundai returning from many years away.  May Had great weather, great racing, and we all had a good feeling about the year but June’s race day was a tough one. In qualifying one car went for a ride as it rolled in Turn 4. Thankfully the Driver walked away but no chance in saving the car. Others suffering mechanical failures late in the day. As the weekend keep coming so did the bad luck. With multiple motors and transmissions giving up, oil leaks late in the race days and Rain keeping the numbers down, We knew it wasn’t going to be the year we had all hoped for. The Pay-per series allowed some teams to race a full season and helped keep people hunting for a car to race but it just wasn’t enough. Late in the season we had a few more cars rejoin the field, and even had 4 Pro-stocks in Aug. Unfortunately, 1 was broken. Septembers race day was the final blow with the 1 hour being cut short due to a oil leak and no awards being handed out due to time.  Thankfully The JCM was a successful end to car racing season at AMP. With large sponsors from Dairy Queen and a BBQ covered by the Tool Shed. Everyone was in high spirits. 3 rookies in the field with a shiny Mustang and an old Golf getting our race director back out on track. The race was started in memory of George Sheppard with a #44 green flag. 17 cars started and 11 were still going at the end. Ben Easson and his K-Miata took the overall win. The JCM Raising around $5500 for AMP. Extra thanks goes out to all the people who make racedays happen. The marshals, timing crew, and officials all volunteer there time to keep things going. Without such a great group of people it just wouldn’t be so much fun.
Thanks to BAC for putting on the 2018 ARMS AGM . The race meeting had a great turnout and lots of improvements and ideas for next season.
There will be 4 regional racedays from May-Aug, and the JCM will be held in Sept. Track improvements should start after the JCM.
The Father and son team of Steve and Shane Spudik took home Rookies of the year, just beating out Jason McPhee.
and Scott Montgomerie had the unfortunate luck of winning the Hard luck award. Congratulations to everyone who took a award home.
I would like to welcome Matt Trivett as the NBSCC Race Director And I am looking forward to the 2019 Race season.
Q’s: Refuelling rule for race changed at ARMS AGM. May take some extra revision as there are still some safety concerns about fuelling with a driver in the car. Some changes to aerodynamic aids. Four main race weekends due to $8,500 loss by region on racing. There will be some additional paving this fall at AMP. All teams must now have spill pads to try and help prevent oiling of paddock. Pro Stock teams will make own ruleset concering competition. Will still follow ARMS safety regulations. Entry fees set to $300 for single series entrance, $25 late fee if register after Friday evening before race. $450 for two series per day, $300 for one-hour. Vintage will have option to race if they can produce a field. Lapping considered if they cannot. May be lapping during Race School track day.

Solo Report

2018 has been another record breaking year for solo.  WIth our opening event we broke our attendance record with 64 competitors.  Then again at our second event with 65 competitors. And finally at our last event with 66 competitors.  Mabye next year we can see 70!

Attendance aside, it was another great solo season.  9 total points events: 4 at shearwater (including our first regional there), 2 at Digby, 1 at scotia speedworld, 1 at AMP and one at Stoneridge Fellowship Church.  We also tried a new format for the non-points event this year: Rallycross scoring.

The 2018 HPDS was another success.  As usual, registration filled up quickly and a long waiting list was generated.  In the end we had another well attended HPDS with 28 total entries. We did have a few issues of no-shows that put down deposits.  Going forward we will be requiring confirmation of attendance the week before the event.

My second year as solo director was another learning experience.  There was never a dull moment at any of the events. I’m not sure I even sat down at most of them except when doing my runs.  I wouldn’t be able to do it with the help from the rest of the organization team. Big thanks to Joel, Krista, Alan, Trevor Pidge, Cathy and everyone else who lent a hand throughout the year.  And we can’t forget Debbie for all the wonderful behind the scenes work she does to keep solo going!

Looking towards 2019 there are no big changes planned for solo.  We have 9 points events planned for next year, 3 of them regionals.  The schedule is tentative but we are looking at 5 shearwater events, the digby double and scotia speedworld.  As usual we have the HPDS planned for Victoria Day.


Thanks to everyone for their attendance in 2018 and we hope to see you all back for 2019!

Time Attack Report

Great year, lots of effort, and brought out lots of drivers. Last event had a show and shine which brought out spectators. Is doing a booth at the Sports and RV show in March.

Rally Report

It has been an eventful year for ASCC in Rally. We played a key role in the running of the Regions first Navex of the season, continuing to train new and interested personnel in the organizing side of Navigational Rallying.

ASCC Club members were regular competitors in our local Rallycross Championship, run by our fellow Region Club BAC.

In Performance Rally, ASCC members have contributed to the running and organizing of Regional Performance events. Club members finished top 3 in the Region Performance Rally Championship, and ASCC was well represented at all Region events.

ASCC also showed well on the National Scene, with members finishing RBDC, working in service crew positions and spreading the Rally Word. Rally of the Tall Pines also benefited from ASCC’s volunteer efforts in late November.

2019 looks strong for Rally in the region, in all of its forms. We look forward to being a part of it.

Q’s: Any changes for rally for next year? Some NAVEX rule clarifications. May be some national rally rules changes.

Club was asked to offer additional support to regional rally organization, possibly to run one rallysprint event. Ian believes we can help the region if our members offer more volunteer effort to support BAC in running and presenting rally. Please consider volunteering to assist BAC in this. That includes road blocking, checkpointing, or even timing. Club had discussed offering to “host” a stage on the Lookoff Rally, handling all organizer/volunteers for one particular stage inside the event.

Jan 12 is ASCC NAVEX, weather permitting. Nighttime event, starting at 16:00. 4 hrs, start and end in Truro.

Treasurer’s Report

Entry fees up about $4,000 due to solo. Expenses up primarily due to $2500 AMP Donation. Insurance paid until end of March. Balance up $1,200, $26,012.61 in chequing account. Acct grew slightly. Why are we saving money? Slight increases to cover future droughts or large expenses.

Solo Report

(to follow)

Q: 3 helmets removed from trailer

New Business

Alan Grey is nominated for Honourary Membership as he has been in club 15 consecutive years. To be voted on at March meeting. Joel N Mentioned that Colin Wilmhurst may also be eligible, we will investigate.

Ronald Johnson Memorial Cup, now ASCC president’s award has been given since 1979. To a person most available to promote region and help activities. Award presented to Evan Williams for actions for the club including social media promotion.

Vote to ratify actions of 2018 board of directors. All in favour, no abstentions.

$50 fee per race license has been put into an account for some time to help pay for misc track improvement costs. This has been paid only by race license people. Will now be paid by lapping and TA licenses as well. This will lower cost for racers, increase slightly for others.  Member Capital Cost

All members in attendance today to receive free karting after January meeting at Kartbahn. At that meeting, club will be collecting cash for Feed NS. Club will match member donations. We are also inviting ARRCA marshalls to attend our karting session.

Ian P Nominating Committee Chair.

All current board members are re-offering. Debbie for president, Alan for VP, Brian for Treasurer, Evan for secretary.

No other offers for secretary from floor

No other offers for treasurer from floor

No other offers for VP from floor

No other offers for Pres from floor

In Memorium:

George Sheppard

Shannon Churchill

Minutes from 2017 meeting approved as posted. Not read.


Club has put in for 2020 Region AGM.


Motion to adjourn Chris, 2nd Bruce

All in favour.


2018 ASCC AGM Minutes

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