Q. — What is a Lapping Session/Track Day?
A. — A lapping session is an un-timed event conducted at Atlantic Motorsport Park which allows anyone with an approved vehicle to experience the thrills of driving on Atlantic Canada’s premier road course. Though multiple cars are on the track at once this is NOT a racing event. There is no timing involved and though speeds can be well above those driven on the street drivers should never be going 10/10ths. Lapping sessions are intended as practice and to be educational for drivers to become more familiar with themselves, their vehicle and the track.

All drivers must be members of an ARMS-recognized club and complete an approved ARMS-recognized driving school in order to participate. See the Event Calendar for the next available school. See the Rules and Regulations below for a complete list.

Upon completion of a recognized instruction session all participants must have in their possession an ARMS Lapping Session or SoloSprint license. Application forms for this license can be found on the ARMS site and must be submitted to the regional SoloSport director Jason Smith in advance of the event.

Q. — How much does it cost?

A. — Generally lapping sessions cost $60 per session. A special discount is often available to those who volunteer at race events at AMP. See the supplemental regulations posted on the Event Calendar for details. There may also be a $10 gate fee to enter AMP which goes towards track maintenance and upgrades.

Sessions typically take place Saturday afternoons of each race weekend. Sessions are generally 3-4 hours of open track time but may vary depending on schedule. See the calendar entry of the event you’re interested in attending for specific details.

Q. — What equipment do I need?

A. — Since lapping sessions are conducted with less aggressive driving than full out racing the safety requirements are lower. A normal street car with a working 3 point seat belt is required and you must wear a Snell approved M/SA2000 or better helmet. Loaner helmets may be available but are not guaranteed so check with the event organizer if you don’t have access to a proper helmet.

Q. — What needs to be done to my vehicle?

A. — A normal street car in good condition should be fine to participate in a lapping session. Your suspension should be in good condition with no worn ball joints or bushings. Your brake pedal should be firm with no give when pressed. Your tires should not be showing any cords and be inflated to an appropriate pressure. (Slightly higher than street for road tires, some as high as 40psi) Your interior should be free of untethered objects that may move during hard driving.

Q. — Are passengers allowed?

A. — Passengers are not allowed for inexperienced drivers except for approved instructors. See the Rules and Regulations below for specific details.

Q. — But I want to drive as fast as I can go!

A. — Lapping sessions are not the place to test the limits of your driving skills. Overly aggressive and dangerous driving will not be tolerated. The first incident will result in a black flag and a warning. A subsequent infraction will result in being asked to leave. If you want to drive to the limits of your abilities you should investigate the ASCC SoloSprint series or get involved in the ARMS Race Series.

Q. — My car is slow, will I get in the way?

A. — No, all vehicles are encouraged to come out. From the sub-compact grocery-getter to the monstrously powerful supercar. Strict passing rules will be enforced which limit passing to safe zones. If you are holding up a faster car one of the flag marshals will wave a blue flag indicating you should let the other vehicle by. This is conducted in a safe, non-stress fashion for everyone involved.

Q. — I drive a convertible, can I bring it out?

A. — Due to insurance regulations open-topped cars require roll-over protection in order to participate. Generally the factory roll-over protection provided on most convertibles is insufficient for this purpose. If you have any questions as to the suitability of your vehicle please contact the event organizer in advance.

Miatas and some BMWs can find ‘SCCA-Legal’ rollover protection available from Hard Dog fabrication as well as other manufacturers.

Lapping session rules and regulations

Every driver must meet the following minimum requirements before they will be allowed on the track:

1. You must be a current member of an ASN Canada FIA / ARMS affiliated club. ARMS clubs are listed on this website.

2. You must have a valid driver’s license.

3. You must have completed one of the following programs in the last 10 years: ARMS Race School; ARMS Mini-driving School; ARMS Solosprint School; an accredited Race School organized by SCCA, ASN Canada/FIA, MSA; or hold a current Regional Race License or better. Those without the required school experience may, at the discretion of the Lapping Coordinator arrange in advance for an approved instructor to ride with them until the instructor determines that the lapper is capable of driving on the track without supervision. A list of approved instructors shall be posted on this website.

4. You must have a Lappers Identity Card showing that you have completed the above school requirements and have participated in Lapping, SoloSprint or ARMS Regional Racing in the past 2 years. There will be instructions on this website describing how to receive your Lappers Identity Card.

5. You must pay $10.00 to enter the track.

6. You must pay $50.00 to register for lapping.

7. You must sign a Waiver of Liability that holds the track and the organizers not liable for any injury or damage.

8. You must use a car that is in excellent condition; has brakes with full pads and maximum 6 month old brake fluid; undamaged tires and wheels and securely attached accessories and body parts. All loose items shall be removed from the inside of the car and the trunk. Cars leaking fluids will not be allowed on the track. Your car may be subject to review by scrutineers.

9. If you have a roadster, or convertible car with or without a removable top you will be required to have, in place, an acceptable form of roll-over protection as per the ASN Canada FIA Lapping Regulations Item 3.5 and 3.6. It is the obligation of the person wishing to take part in lapping to provide proof that the roll-over protection meets the requirements described above.

10. You must wear an approved helmet (ASN Canada FIA Lapping Regulations item 3.1 at all times when on the track. The minimum helmet requirement is for a Snell M2000.


Lapping Sessions organized by the Atlantic Sports Car Club will be held under the ARMS Lapping Session rules and under the ASN National Lapping Rules. These rules can be found on the ARMS site. These rules supercede any information found on this site.

Any questions, concerns or issues should be brought to the attention of the regional SoloSport director.

A taste of lapping at Atlantic Motorsport Park!