Membership report

13 members before the meeting, approximately 10 more forms filled out at the meeting.

Treasurer’s report

All cheques written have cleared. $25,558.49 in acct at end of year. Five additional club memberships need to be paid to region for late re-up members. Will be writing cheque for region dues for 50% of 2018 club membership.

No plan to return to paypal for event payments, as account is still incorrect. Will look at having email payments go to additional exec members so that it’s easier to tell who has actually paid at the event. Brian will look into automatic receipt of email payments

Race Report

No changes. Will re-review rules regarding driver in-car during pit stop.

Rally Report

This weekend is first Navex of year. ASCC Regional event. Lots of snow on route. Please let organizers know if you’re planning to attend so that they can prepare route books. 2019 CARS rally rulebook is out. Small technical changes.

Solo Report

Stoneridge has not replied to Debbie’s request. Shearwater cannot give us an answer until April 1.

Will have a budget meeting soon for HPDS for solo director and co. Waiting for March for new insurance rates.

2005 helmets are now no good. We have seven loaners still. Scott still investigating new timing and scoring software options. Club will be purchasing a folding cart to carry pylons.

Time attack will have booth at Atlantic Sports and RV show March 8-10 at Exhibition park to promote time attack and other disciplines.

New Business:

Don’t forget to renew your membership!

Old Business: Voting in March on honourary members, per discussion at AGM.




January 2019 General Meeting

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