230 members .

$28125 in accounts.

Solo: no new news. Official results posted to arms forum. No anticipated topics for AGM. Trying for same number of regionals as 2018.


Race: no news. Expect lots of discussion at AGM. Work party cleared berms at AMP.

Old business: ARMS AGM this weekend in Truro. Calendar meeting Sunday.

ASCC givng $20 to members who attend banquet and a discipline meeting.

Rally: Navx rules clarification needed. Changes will be presented possibly at region AGM or via committee.

New business: BAC approached to discuss that ASCC was a CARS affiliated club. They would like for us to organise an event, possibly a rally sprint, to help share load. Possibly have ASCC members crew a stage.

Agreed to have a rally display at ASCC event. And will try and raise more volunteers for their events.

Our AGM is Dec 11.

Discussion of putting a car into Guy Show or similar event to raise money


November general meeting

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