Motorsport in the Atlantic Region has ┬ásomething for everyone! Whether you’re looking to learn to be a better driver via easy-to-try AutoSlalom or Driver Education schools, advanced speed with SoloSprint or the high speed challenges of racing or rally, there’s an event for you!

AutoSlalom – Takes place in Parking Lots and other paved areas with a single car trying to beat the clock driving a course laid out in pylons. Very minimal vehicle preparation required and easy to enter!

SoloSprint – A more advanced test of speed with single cars racing the clock at Atlantic Motorsport Park.

Road Racing – High action wheel to wheel racing at Atlantic Motorsport Park. Drivers must meet qualification requirements and cars must be specially prepared with roll cages and other safety equipment.

Drivers Education – Regular schools take place at Atlantic Motorsport Park for drivers to learn from experienced instructors at their own rate in their cars. Learn how to drive better both on the street and in competition!

Lapping Sessions/Track Days – Qualified drivers can drive at Atlantic Motorsport Park in these untimed track sessions in a controlled environment. Hone your skills and enjoy driving your car the way it was meant to be driven!

TSD/NAVEX Rally – A test of timing and accuracy. Regular cars drive on public roads using challenging directions that require attention, accuracy and driver/co-driver communication.

RallyCross – Similar to AutoSlalom, single cars drive against the clock on closed courses laid out in pylons. Road surfaces can be dirt, mud, snow or ice!

RallySprint – Full on rally action, specially prepared rally cars drive closed roads at high speeds against the clock!

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