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Welcome to the Atlantic Sports Car Club website! On this site you’ll find all the information you need to get involved in Motorsports with ASCC. Whether your interest is the against-the-clock competition of Slalom and Time Attack, the accuracy and precision of TSD Rally, learning advanced driving and car control with a High Performance Driving School or the excitement of door to door Road Racing you’ll find what you need right here!

Via links at the top and right of this page you’ll find the ASCC Event Calendar and ARMS Forum. ASCC will continue to use the well-trafficked Atlantic Region Motorsports Forum for all online discussion, we encourage everyone to visit and join in the conversations! The ASCC Events Calendar is now hosted by Google Calendar, which provides us a lot more flexibility in displaying event information and keeping everyone current! Using the Google provided tools you can keep an up to date ASCC calendar on your phone or email application in just a few clicks!

We are continually updating and adding information to this site as we go forward, including some new information never before seen and some great club history going back into the many decades ASCC has been providing access to grassroots motorsport in the Maritimes! Check back often!

- The ASCC Executive - Debbie, Alan, Brian and Evan!

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April 2014 General Meeting Minutes

April meeting. Called to order 7:35 by Alan G.
Treasurer’s report, Brian J.: 17033.11 chequing 1761.21 paypal. Paypal is emptied at end of calendar year.
The Treasurer is proud to announce 2014 AutoSlalom title sponsors: PBM ltd, kraftwerx auto. Still looking at scoring system and time lights.

Membership Report, Alan G: 66 members as of this morning. Reminder no license renewal without valid membership.

Solo rept: Joel N. Have a price on timing display and are looking how to order. School info is up, the school is May 3rd. Hpds May 18.
Time attack: 16 competitors required per event, cost will be 180 plus transponder. Racers in race cars registered for next race will be $100. 3 Lappers takes place of 1 attacker for numbers, cost is 80 to just lap. Driver is responsible for own classing; if you class too high it is your fault, too low and caught will be bumped to highest class. Looking at marshalls for far side of track, using competitors for near to better use manpower and reduce changeover times. Passing and passing sessions will each be worth points. Goal is to go to all passing. Can share a car, but no price break.
No solo questions

Rally: Ian P. Last rally-x this Sunday. Work party, details to follow, to help patch lot.
Perf rally June 20, rally sprint. The Aug event in Tennecape to have 5 stages. Oct 19 single road event to finish year. Stage crews needed, esp for Aug event Aug 24. Parc ferme Saturday. 3 stages in gravel pit. Newcap media sponsor, q104!
Nav rally, may 18. Wheaton’s in lr Sackville. 1pm start. Bluenose nav rally. June 8th, Windsor. 225km 1pm.

Race report: Debbie away. No report at this time. Sfi Hans info on arms site. Race school may 24 and 25. 1st race is may 25. Gt3 classing is vague. Looking at possible changes for next year.

Not racing? Want to be at track? Talk to Ian about being a Marshall!

Old business: none

New business: Frank McC has brought forward George S for nomination to the Maritime motorsports hall of fame.
Swap shop: mike B: various rwd corolla parts. Body kits, etc. Brian J 17×7 enkei wheels for mini or miata 4×100. Alan C bmw m-coupe 1999. 3.2L. Silver. Like new. Loaded. Alan G stock mustang bullitt suspension.

Ian motion to adjourn 2nd Chris.

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Executive Meeting Change

The ASCC Executive meeting scheduled for April 1 has been moved to 6:30pm April 8 (prior to the general meeting at 7:30)

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March 2014 minutes

March 2014 minutes.
Called to order 7:30.
45 members as of yesterday.
No treasurer’s report, Brian J is absent.
Solo report: No autox changes. Church is confirmed for all 2014 dates. Time attack will be under AMRS banner. Fees expected to be $200 + transponder for day. Passing event last year was popular, and we will be eventually moving to passing only. Hoping to get Marshalls for all events to avoid having lappers have to work. This means 18 competitors minimum. Max 20 on course at a time.
Difference between passing and non passing is 3 on track passing zones. point by passing. If not enough ppl have registered by Wed before the time attack, it will convert to lapping. Increased fee to reg to lap after that date. The days will consist of non passing t/a in the morning, then lapping, then passing t/a. Can do just lapping, but not just 1 of the time attack events.
May 3 solo school. SSW is confirmed for June. Nationals. Pei this year. $230 expected fee for hpds. Amp now charging hst on all fees. Solosport fee now 25+tx.
No change to club classing for this year. Regional classing will follow new format from AGM.

Rally: no rally Mexico spoilers for Ian please. Rallycross going quite well. 17 ppl out for last event. 2 more. Mar 16th, Mar 30, Apr 13. no news on nav rally organizer school. 3 performance rallys expected this year.

Race report: School may 23-24. Race 25th. Cost? Tbd. No rule changes. Gt3 needs dot tires. Fia approved hans devices only, pending national rules changes. Club rep now req’d for track rentals.

Old business: none
New business: march 29 maritime hobby and crafts on grafton shop Ferrari memorabilia sale.

swap shop: frank has old magazines to give away. Random titles and dates
Motion to adjourn: Frank m. Seconded James P.

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February Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:45.
Treasurer’s report: $271 in PayPal $18959 in chequing. Waiting for ARMS affiliate and initial member levy as well as CARS affiliate fees to clear.
Tow fund for Slemon and Saint John Regional event? Agreed to set aside $2000 for Slemon entrants. Must attend 3 of 5 ASCC club events prior to Slemon. $1000 for Saint John. Must run first ASCC regional to qualify. Must be an ASCC member, resident of Nova Scotia. Maximum $200 per person per event. To be paid after event.
Track rental rules? To be further discussed. Need further rules discussion.
Discussed that we will need a list of who is going, proof of license, proof of ASCC membership. Must be ASCC member with lapping license or higher to rent track.

Membership: Alan isn’t here.

Solo: waiting for date confirmations from Stoneridge church.
HPDS: waiting for confirmation from Brian G. May 18 and 19.

Rally: rally x this weekend. Maybe. Stay tuned. Ledwidge Rally 24 Aug.

Race: school may 24 race 25th. Amp agm February 22nd.

Old business: none.

New: Will be showing Hunt v Lauda documentary at next meeting.

Adjourned. 830pm Debbie, 2nd Ian P.

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Jan 2014 general meeting minutes

Jan meeting
808pm called to order.
Thanks to Mark at garrison for the meeting location.
Treasurer’s report: $19080 in accounts. nothing outstanding. Waiting for cheques from private rental day. Is there a legislative change to nfp status? This will be investigated.

Membership report: 22 as of today. Remember that you need to have your membership card to get licenses.
Joel is the new head of solo. No news.

Rally report. Ian pierce is the rally director. Rally organizer school is possible later this year for those looking to organize.
New rally rules. See cars Site. Dakar is this week.

Race report. No slicks are allowed in gt3, dot only

Some paving was done at amp last fall and there will be more this fall
No news on agm for amp.

Old business. Thanks Brian jarvis helping the club to donate $250 to feed ns.

New business: none.

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2013 AGM Reminder

The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Atlantic Sports Car Club will be held at Riverside Pub & Eatery (1552 Bedford Highway, Bedford NS… behind the Sunnyside Restaurant on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 commencing at 7:30pm.

The agenda for this meeting is listed below. We will also be collecting donations for Metro Food Bank.

Feed Nova Scotia Prioritized Shopping List
Canned or Powdered Milk
Breakfast Cereal
Flour & Sugar
Canned Fruit
Pasta (Dried, Canned, Noodles, Rice)
Canned Vegetables
Peanut Butter
Canned Meat & Fish
Baked Beans
Soups & Stews

Club by-laws require a minimum of 20% of the membership to be present for a quorum. With a membership base of ~175 members, a minimum of 36 members are required. Your attendance and input would be greatly appreciated, but if you cannot attend, please consider sending a proxy vote form

Motions made at the AGM (pertaining to matters such as By-Laws/Constitution and Honorary Memberships) will be voted upon by the membership at the March 2014 General Meeting, as our by-laws require 3 month notice to the membership.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of the executive at exec@ascc.ca
Yours in motorsports,
Debbie Miller


Review of 2012 AGM Minutes
Year-End Reports & Awards: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Race, Rally, Solo
Presentation of President’s Award
Old Business
New Business
Ratification of the actions of the 2013 Executive
Election of 2014 Executive
Swap Shop

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Nov 2013 General Meeting Minutes

7:45 Meeting called to order.
Membership report. 177 as of start of meeting. 170 for regional levy for September 1

Treasury Report $22688.03. $23665.09 after all outstanding paid. Unsure of levy for regional autox. Waiting for an invoice.
$525 owed to amp for member rentals. Waiting for an invoice.

Solo report: nothing to report. No major changes.

Regional time attack next year? Run by arms? Could save on insurance by combining with race weekend. Having marshaling staff issues, but not required for time attack. Passing or non passing?
Joel Alan Trevor George Taylor for solo committee.
Nationals 1st weekend of august.

Rally report:
Perfect rally in Oct near Lawrencetown. Great roads. Competitors from Maine!
Rallycross will start 24th. Need an organiser. Too wet last weekend..

Navex rally. Ascc regional last weekend. Some scoring issues. Reissue of some dash plaques, Due to some severe lateness. Some got slightly lost. Jim Theriault helped greatly with organization. Looking for other people to take on organizing an event.

George S is nominating committee for elections.

Race:Licensing issues from year? Approx 8 have competed in license event but have no club affiliation.
How to verify membership at event? Show card? Numbered card? Cards must be shown at all events, especially for getting license.
Safety car all day next year. Qualifying and car numbers? Where is start of pitlane for speed limit purpose? Do we need a pit road Marshall? Restricting access to top of tower? Too many ppl up there. Cars entering paddok are getting an extra lap as thyey cross start 2x. Pit road ezkt will call and tower will removelap.

Old business no
New business? No

Ascc agm here November 10. Attend workshop and dinner, get 20 back from Brian.

Brian j and others went to play automotive games at board game cafe. Maybe have at a game at the agm. Had fun playing.

January meeting maybe at garrison?

Brian j has 4×100 enkeis fir sale 17×7.

Ian p to adjourn. Jeremy 2nd.

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2014 Event Dates

The AGM is done and hopefully all event dates will stick. Here are the dates we are running, pending confirmation with some of the venues:

Slalom Dates

May 3, Solo school and Test and Tune. Sackville Church
**May 10, ASCC #1 and ARMS #1. Sackville Church
**June 1, NBSCC ARMS #2. location TBD
June 7, ASCC #2. Sackville Church
June 18, ASCC #3, Scotiaspeed world.
**June 27-29, ASCC #4-5 ARMS #3-4 Digby Regional Airport. (27 will be a Test and Tune)
July 19, ASCC #6 Sackville Church
**Aug 1-3, MMSC ARMS#5-6. CAC Nationals!! Slemon park PEI. (1st will be a test and tune)
Aug 9, ASCC #7 Sackville Church
**Sept 7, ASCC #8 ARMS #7 Atlantic Motorsport Park.
**Sept 14, MMSC ARMS #8 Magic Mountain
Oct 4, ASCC #9 Sackville Church.

ARMS is holding 8 Regional events. The worst event will not be dropped. All events count toward the championship.  All events with a ** are Regionals.
Hopefully everyone will remember Aug 1-3 MMSC will be holding their Slalom at Slemon and the Canadian Autoslalom Championship. Should be a great weekend.

Regional Time Attack Dates

There are 4 time attacks scheduled, making this a Regional series again!
June 21 ASCC. AMP
July 12. AFRA AMP
Aug 16. ASCC AMP
Sept 20. AFRA AMP

All events will happen on ARMS Race weekends. So stick around for another day to watch more competition.
The price and event details are still being worked out, but every event will have the same layout and pricing,  all 4 weekends will be the same. The biggest part for competitors will be Pre-registration. We really need to know. We talked about a 1 week prior to the event date cutoff. If we don`t have the numbers then its not going to happen. We should have the numbers to make all 4 events happen and if the numbers are there then the next year we can look at more events and Prices. So these dates are up now so everyone can plan ahead.

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ASCC ARMS AGM Banquet Incentive

Just a reminder to all ASCC members that if you attend any workshop at this weekend’s ARMS general meeting, ASCC will give you $20 toward the cost of a ticket for the banquet Saturday evening. Purchase your ticket, and then if you attend a workshop you can request reimbursement of the $20 from Brian Jarvis at the banquet.

Also, if you need a copy of the ARMS proxy form for yourself or someone else, it is available Here

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Oct 2013 General Meeting Minutes

October meeting.
Called to order at 7:41
Membership Report: 175 members for the year. 1 new member joined at the AMP slalom.

Treasurer’s reort: $10000 in chequing. PayPal $8900.
2 paid after the last slalom event on PayPal. Regional member levy paid.

Great job on movie night Brian. Rush was enjoyed by all who attended. No amount owning
ASCC will offer $20 off the ARMS AGM banquet to all who attend an agm workshop. Non transferable.
No questions for either.

Rally Report: nav-x rally Nov 9. Looking for new restaurant for the finish..
Looking for checkpointers. We will be running this event this year to ensure there is a championship.
Performance rally Oct 20. 36kms!

All annual trophies have been retrieved. No ascc annual trophy.

Solo Report: 20 NS competitors at Mmsc regional. 38 at ascc regional at amp. 3 ppl got no times. 2 refused assistance. Annual trophy rookie has been returned.

Race Oct 14th. Jack Canfield memorial.
Do racers need to pay admission? Why has this been changed? Not answered, but there will be a charge at the gate as a fundraiser for amp

Reminder: Speed in paddock is 10 kmh.

Arms AGM:. Group outing to yuk yuk on Friday before meeting.
Workshops Saturday. Calendar meeting sunday.

No old or new business. Need photo of Frank for website. Induction to Atlantic Motorsports Hall of Fame Nov 15.

At Aug performance rally we had HAM radio operators attended and assist. The HAM course has started. If you are interested talk to Ian.

Ian P motion to adjourn.Paul S 2nd.

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