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Welcome to the Atlantic Sports Car Club website! On this site you’ll find all the information you need to get involved in Motorsports with ASCC. Whether your interest is the against-the-clock competition of Slalom and Time Attack, the accuracy and precision of TSD Rally, learning advanced driving and car control with a High Performance Driving School or the excitement of door to door Road Racing you’ll find what you need right here!

Via links at the top and right of this page you’ll find the ASCC Event Calendar and ARMS Forum. ASCC will continue to use the well-trafficked Atlantic Region Motorsports Forum for all online discussion, we encourage everyone to visit and join in the conversations! The ASCC Events Calendar is now hosted by Google Calendar, which provides us a lot more flexibility in displaying event information and keeping everyone current! Using the Google provided tools you can keep an up to date ASCC calendar on your phone or email application in just a few clicks!

We are continually updating and adding information to this site as we go forward, including some new information never before seen and some great club history going back into the many decades ASCC has been providing access to grassroots motorsport in the Maritimes! Check back often!

– The ASCC Executive – Debbie, Alan, Brian and Evan!

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November Meeting Minutes

195 members.

Treasurer: all paid up with region. $23,560.03 in accts. Some money to come in from event entries. Brian will prepare report on Shearwater slaloms.

Solo: last event had 50+ at Shearwater. We will try to get in to church again next year. Shearwater has some scheduling issues for 2018, unsure what we will be able to schedule. Only expected topic for ARMS AGM is venues.

Rally: Rallycross starts Nov 26.

Race:no news. Some possible classing or category changes will be discussed at ARMS AGM

Old business:

Ascc giving $20 for ARMS AGM workshop attendees toward banquet.

New business: none.




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October Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Alan G. Debbie is away

195 total members. 192 for region levy.

Treasurer: $23,971 in chequing. All bills paid. AARCA still hasn’t cashed our HPDS day cheque.

Rally: Navx by first time organisers. 4 entries. Ran well. Trout Lake performance rally this weekend. Still looking for volunteers. Next NAVX Jan 13 in Elmsdale. Rallycross season starts November 26, Conrad’s gravel pit. Noise restrictions in effect. No spectators.

Race: September race weekend was down on cars. Split grid ran well. JCM saw just 16 cars. Not sure why low numbers.

Solo: no club events since last meeting. 2 regionals in NB. Well attended. Matt Steeves won regional. Scott M finished 2nd. Our last club event is Oct 14 in Shearwater.

New business: Club AGM is December meeting. Region AGM is November 15-17.

Old business: No




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September General Meeting Minutes

Treasurer: PayPal money resolved. $25902. Some cheques in and out not yet received or processed. Including arms levy and fees from Shearwater.

Membership: 192 members. 191 for 2017 region levy.

Rally: Lookoff was Aug 20. 11 competitors. Next rally Oct 15. Need volunteers. Navigation rally Sept 30 in Windsor, Oct 1 Hubbards.

Race report: last weekend had two offs. Both cars damaged, drivers not. Next race weekend will not have a practice to save schedule. Registration will close at 8:45. Late registration means no qualifying times.

Looking for a new gatekeeper for track weekends next year.

Solo: 2 events since last meeting. People are not sticking around to clean up after they do fun runs. May be a charge for fun runs in future. Commissionaires are arriving 35+ minutes late to gate. Debbie will address with them. Last ascc slalom is Oct 14.

Old business: No

New Business: SEPT 23 east coast Subaru club is having an event in Bedford crossing. We are donating up to 5 memberships for them to raffle for Ronald McDonald House. We will also have a display there.

Frank McCarthy is in charge of our nomination committee for Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame. We have nominated the Partridges. Are also nominating Derek Lugar, member since 1976. Also the club itself. MMSC is already a member. We are older. Frank McCarthy moves to approve nominations. Paul Susnis seconds. 16 members in attendance, all in favour.

Club AGM is December meeting. Will be at Riverside. Carting at Jan meeting.R

Region AGM is November 17-18. President is up for election and not reoffering.

Talk of 2 HPDS next year. 6 Shearwater events including one regional. Amp to be club event. One at Scotia Speed World, 2 at Digby.



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August General Meeting Minutes

Membership report: 184 members

Treasurer: $18,310 in chequing. Some outstanding deposits and invoices. $2955 stuck in PayPal. Have made multiple attempts to resolve this with PayPal with no results. Will wait for 180 days to pursue legal action based on PayPal user agreement.

Solo:47 at night event. 2nd Shearwater was on 22nd. 52 entries. Used longer course, slightly faster. Took donations for fun runs. We are waiting for SSW invoice with correct charges. Price of Shearwater may go up to $40 next year.

Rally: rally sprint went well. New roads. Aug 19 and 20 is lookoff rally. 11 cars registered, including multiple from Ont and PQ. Charity event will let people ride in codriver seat for a fee.

Race: 4 students at latest school. 3 New cars at event, with the return of Leon!

New business: region AGM Nov 17-19 in Truro. Presented by ARRCA. President and Secretary positions are coming open.

Our Maritime Motorsports hall of fame nominator would like us to nominate Pidge and Charlotte for 2018. All in favour. They will prepare their nomination form.

Old: none

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July Meeting Minutes

Brian J. Not in attendance. No treasurer report

Membership:168 members

Solo:Digby had 37 and 40. Lunches went well.  There was no dinner, and we may have one next year. 8 students at slalom school. 5 spare shirts remaining. One runway light damaged. Bill approx $220 for light.

This saturday night is an evening event at Scotia Speed World. Next event July 22 at Shearwater.

Decided not to charge for damage runway ligths unless it becomes more common.

Chris W brought banner and sponsorship from O’Regans.

Rally: rally sprint July 23.

Race report:

New business: Movie night: baby driver Bayer’s Lake next Tuesday

Old business: none




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June General Meeting Minutes

Membership report 158. Over 30 new at slalom.

Solo report: had hpds. Well attended, ran well. 29 students, two new instructors. No complaints from event. First Shearwater slalom had 59. Off site by 4:30.  Ran well. Next event June 21 at Scotia Speed world. Pre registration required.

30 registered for Digby. Tomorrow last day for early bird price.

Looking into food on site at Shearwater. Not permitted. Asking about increasing time of commissionaires. Looking at a different portable toilet vendor with better hours.

Rally: First regional of year. 7 entries.

Treasurer: $18,741, $2955 in PayPal. Brian is still trying to sort out PayPal access. Shearwater cheque not cashed, commisionare bill outstanding  SSW not yet invoiced.

Race: no report

Old business: No

New business:no


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PayPal Problems

At this time, ASCC is having issues with PayPal and some members have received error messages when trying to send funds to our PayPal account.

Until further notice, if you need to send funds to ASCC and wish to do it digitally please send an e-transfer to treasurer@ascc.ca.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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May General Meeting

Membership report:89 members

Treasurer: $19729 in chequing, $2850 in PayPal. Brian J still trying to sort out PayPal access for exec, but we don’t normally remove funds from that acct until end of year.

Solo: Debbie has a meeting at Digby with council. Is reaching out about Waterville airport, and mic Mac Mall will not return our emails. Food truck wants #’s for HPDS. We said 65.

Solo entry fee now $30. Still free to new members joining at event (club event). Putting George S’ #44 on hold.

Rally: rumours of new cars for region.  July 21 is rallysprint. June 11th is Navex. James Whitman is now a Hotbits suspension dealer/service. Only one  in region.

Race report: 9 for race school. Still no supp regs for first event.

Flagging/Marshal school is May 27. Contact Ian P if interested.

Old business: helmet liners have been delivered.

Vote on honorary members. Ian Pearce, James and Charlotte Partridge were brought forward at AGM.

Cineplex Park Lane is showing Green Hell,, the story of the Nurburgring May 25, 7pm.

Motion to adjourn Ian P.

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Membership renewal system problems

We are currently having issues with the on-line registration system and are working on a solution. In the meantime membership renewals or new members can do the following.
1. Print off the registration form at http://www.armsinc.ca/applications/2015_ARMS_Membership_Form.pdf fill in all the necessary information clearly (including your email address please) and date and sign the form. If you have access to a scanner, scan the form or take a photo of the form with your phone and email it to membership at ascc dot ca. After we receive notification of payment membership cards will be mailed out.
2. Send a payment for the fees through PayPal to paypal at ascc dot ca and send a note with it as to what the money is for.
If you do not have access to paypal you can mail a cheque to ASCC
PO Box 31120, Halifax NS
B3K 5Y1
Alternately, you can attend our club meetings or any of our events and renew your membership there.
Any questions or problems, please let us know!
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March 2017 meeting

Membership report: 75 members

Treasurer report: Chequing 18,586, paypal $1446. RJSc dues and non-speed insurance outstanding.

Solo: hpds full. Some haven’t paid deposit. Looking at possibility of getting instructors for a second school. Have shearwater for 4 events, will soon be checking out where on their property it will be.  Currently have 9 events scheduled.

Looking at replacement helmet liners. $55 each.  New Zamp helmets $175 for 2010, $220 for 2015. Will order liners.

Rally: rallycross ended last Sunday at Conrad’s pit. 58 entrants. Record entries for the season. Next NavX June 11.

Race: vintage race: qualify and 2 races for vintage cars. $250 for vintage and can add regular races for $100. 1987 or older, must be approved. New driver pricing: $150. Experienced driver add on for $150 per race. Now valid 5 consecutive races, not 1 year. Race school $350, includes May race. Race license is $150. Pro stock class rules on arms site. $150 per race. Open wheel unsure of attendance. James is working on a simplified rule book.

Old business: no

New: don’t forget to add region Gmail calendar to your calendar.



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