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Welcome to the Atlantic Sports Car Club website! On this site you’ll find all the information you need to get involved in Motorsports with ASCC. Whether your interest is the against-the-clock competition of Slalom and Time Attack, the accuracy and precision of TSD Rally, learning advanced driving and car control with a High Performance Driving School or the excitement of door to door Road Racing you’ll find what you need right here!

Via links at the top and right of this page you’ll find the ASCC Event Calendar and ARMS Forum. ASCC will continue to use the well-trafficked Atlantic Region Motorsports Forum for all online discussion, we encourage everyone to visit and join in the conversations! The ASCC Events Calendar is now hosted by Google Calendar, which provides us a lot more flexibility in displaying event information and keeping everyone current! Using the Google provided tools you can keep an up to date ASCC calendar on your phone or email application in just a few clicks!

We are continually updating and adding information to this site as we go forward, including some new information never before seen and some great club history going back into the many decades ASCC has been providing access to grassroots motorsport in the Maritimes! Check back often!

– The ASCC Executive – Debbie, Alan, Brian and Evan!

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November General Meeting Minutes

Membership report, Alan G: 171 Members. 168 for AGM voting purposes

Treasurer’s report, Brian J: $17047 in chequing, $6400 in paypal. Pending cheque for AMP rental fee.

Solo report, Joel N: Solo committee meeting coming up to discuss schedule for 2016 and determine all award winners. Looking to see if Toyo will sponsor the autocross again this year. Also looking for a sponsor for a year end “knockout” event.

Rally: Trout lake rally was Oct 18th, had 7 cars. Highest performance rally turnout since 2009. 3 Local teams went to Rally Charlevoix. Ian has an excellent recap on the ARMS forum.

Race: Fees went up, but the series was ok financially. Spec Miata is looking for a new promoter.

New Business: All directors please complete their reports before next meeting.

Old business: None.

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October Minutes

Called to order at 7:30 by Debbie M.

Membership Report: 168 members

Treasurer’s Report:$23746 in accounts. AGM expenses pending.

Sole: New format was attempted after last event. Top 16 in PAX competed head to head competing down to final entrant.

Average of 46 entries for the year. A low of 42. This is a great result for the club. New radios should be purchased for next year. Some of current are not working. The club is also looking for a source of magnetic numbers as the club #’s require replacement.

New business: ADM is in December. Need 33 votes. Please attend or send proxies. A new wall is to be built at AMP. There will also be a new tire wall and gravel to accompany.

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September Minutes

Called to order by Debbie M 7:30pm

Treasurer’s Report: $6100 in paypal. $13xxx in chequing. Amounts are outstanding to ARMS (member levy) and AMP (track rental).

Membership: 168 members

Solo: Last autoslalom since last meeting had 41 entrants. It was the rescheduled event 5. Time Attack championship had 18 competitors. Next slaloms are Oct 4 and 12th.

Rally: Ledwidge ran well, 1 team from NH. Some roads were questionable, but repaired the night before the rally.

New: There were reports of damage to the Stoneridge Fellowship parking lot. We investigated and found that they were clearly motorcycles doing burnouts, not cars. We offered to look at having lot repaired. The church declined.

Old: ARMS AGM at Quality Inn Kearney Lake. Nov 20-22. Banquet tickets reduced by $20 if you attend a workshop.

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August Minutes

Called to order, 7:30 by Debbie M.
Treasurer’s report: $9455.82 in chequing, $6103 in paypal.

Membership report: 162

Solo: Last event was July 25th. Next is August 29th.

Rally: Ledwidge rally is this weekend.

Race: Next race Aug 22nd. Lowmotion car club is invited to spectate.

New business: Alan G brought up that there was discussion of paving a skid pad at AMP to serve for Solo and Kart.

Old: The ARMS AGM will be in Halifax Nov 21/22. Quality Inn Kearney Lake.

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July Minutes

Called to order at 7:30 by Debbie M.
Membership report: 158 members.
No treasurer report as Brian J is not present.

Solo: 4 events since last meeting. 50 competitors at SSW. Runs were limited due to darkness.
Digby went well. There were 49 Saturday, 44 Sunday. Very rainy Sunday.
Next event is July 25th. The new printer is working well.

Rally: Last rallysprint just run. First under new rules.

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June 2015 Minutes

Called to order at 7:30 by Debbie M.
Treasurer’s Report: $13249 in chequing, $4739 in Paypal. HPDS expensed pending.

Membership Report: 133 Members

Solo: No new events. 50 competitors at last event. Waiting to reschedule June event. Digby will include a BBQ saturday, sunday will be available for $5 each. Event will be $40 including shirt.

The club now has 6 loaner helmets.

Race: The next event is June 21.

New Business: Congrats to George S who will be inducted to Maritime Motorsports hall of fame.

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May 2015 Meeting Minutes

May 12th.
Called to order 7:40 by Debbie M.
Membership report: 116 members, many are new.

Solo report: 2 events so far, school and one slalom. 44 entrants at last event. Ran well. 3 loaner helmets are available, looking for more. Time Attack has been using solo radios, will now be renting AMP radios for HPDS at least.
Hoping to reschedule an event for July 8th or 15th.

Treasurer’s report: $19253 total. PO box, new cones, battery and forms are paid. AGM obligations approximately $5k.

Rally report, Ian P: New rulebook is official. Sprint rules allow racecars. NavX june 14th, rallyX June 13th.

Race report, Debbie M: Race school May 23. Looking into having a corral day at each race for various marques.

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April 2015 Meeting Minutes

April 9th.
Called to order 7:40pm by Brian J.
Membership report, Alan G: 74 members
Treasurer’s report, Brian J: $16368 in chequing, $647.03 in paypal.

Solo Report, Joel N: Digby: $30 for all 3 days in advance, $40 for new members. BBQ lunch proved Saturday at Digby. Group rate arranged at Coastal Inn Kingfisher. Waiting for snow to melt, hopefully before 1st event. Still waiting for prizes from Toyo.

Rally, Ian P: Weather has hurt Rally-X. July rallysprint scheduled, October as well. New rules allow for longer runs. NavX June 14th.

New: Club insurance now covers contents of club trailer.
Marshall school May 9/10th. Also may 23/24th. Contact Ian P.
AGM will be in Halifax, Nov 20-22. Quality Inn, Kearney Lake rd.

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March 2015 Meeting Minutes

March 9th.

Membership report, Alan G : 67 members

Treasurer’s Report, Brian J: $782 in Paypal, $16578 in chequing. Nothing outstanding.

Solo: Working on 3 revised calendar dates. HPDS announcement soon. School may 2nd. Tow funds to be determined. Looking at lowered costs for Digby Double.

Rally: NavX April 25th.

Race: Nothing new, looking for a tech inspector.

Old Business: 2015 AGM is hosted by us. Looking at sites.

New Business: None

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ASCC Slalom #1 Results **Updated**

ASCC Slalom #1 May 9, 2015 Results (Unofficial)

May 9 results

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