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Welcome to the Atlantic Sports Car Club website! On this site you’ll find all the information you need to get involved in Motorsports with ASCC. Whether your interest is the against-the-clock competition of Slalom and Time Attack, the accuracy and precision of TSD Rally, learning advanced driving and car control with a High Performance Driving School or the excitement of door to door Road Racing you’ll find what you need right here!

Via links at the top and right of this page you’ll find the ASCC Event Calendar and ARMS Forum. ASCC will continue to use the well-trafficked Atlantic Region Motorsports Forum for all online discussion, we encourage everyone to visit and join in the conversations! The ASCC Events Calendar is now hosted by Google Calendar, which provides us a lot more flexibility in displaying event information and keeping everyone current! Using the Google provided tools you can keep an up to date ASCC calendar on your phone or email application in just a few clicks!

We are continually updating and adding information to this site as we go forward, including some new information never before seen and some great club history going back into the many decades ASCC has been providing access to grassroots motorsport in the Maritimes! Check back often!

– The ASCC Executive – Debbie, Alan, Brian and Evan!

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May 2015 Meeting Minutes

May 12th.
Called to order 7:40 by Debbie M.
Membership report: 116 members, many are new.

Solo report: 2 events so far, school and one slalom. 44 entrants at last event. Ran well. 3 loaner helmets are available, looking for more. Time Attack has been using solo radios, will now be renting AMP radios for HPDS at least.
Hoping to reschedule an event for July 8th or 15th.

Treasurer’s report: $19253 total. PO box, new cones, battery and forms are paid. AGM obligations approximately $5k.

Rally report, Ian P: New rulebook is official. Sprint rules allow racecars. NavX june 14th, rallyX June 13th.

Race report, Debbie M: Race school May 23. Looking into having a corral day at each race for various marques.

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April 2015 Meeting Minutes

April 9th.
Called to order 7:40pm by Brian J.
Membership report, Alan G: 74 members
Treasurer’s report, Brian J: $16368 in chequing, $647.03 in paypal.

Solo Report, Joel N: Digby: $30 for all 3 days in advance, $40 for new members. BBQ lunch proved Saturday at Digby. Group rate arranged at Coastal Inn Kingfisher. Waiting for snow to melt, hopefully before 1st event. Still waiting for prizes from Toyo.

Rally, Ian P: Weather has hurt Rally-X. July rallysprint scheduled, October as well. New rules allow for longer runs. NavX June 14th.

New: Club insurance now covers contents of club trailer.
Marshall school May 9/10th. Also may 23/24th. Contact Ian P.
AGM will be in Halifax, Nov 20-22. Quality Inn, Kearney Lake rd.

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March 2015 Meeting Minutes

March 9th.

Membership report, Alan G : 67 members

Treasurer’s Report, Brian J: $782 in Paypal, $16578 in chequing. Nothing outstanding.

Solo: Working on 3 revised calendar dates. HPDS announcement soon. School may 2nd. Tow funds to be determined. Looking at lowered costs for Digby Double.

Rally: NavX April 25th.

Race: Nothing new, looking for a tech inspector.

Old Business: 2015 AGM is hosted by us. Looking at sites.

New Business: None

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ASCC Slalom #1 Results **Updated**

ASCC Slalom #1 May 9, 2015 Results (Unofficial)

May 9 results

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February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Debbie M, 7:30pm.
57 Members as of start of meeting.
Treasurer’s report: Brian J: $16513.34 in chequing, 638 in paypal.
Solo report: Joel N. Schedule should be online for Solo events. 2015 car classing and rules not available as of time of meeting, will be up as soon as possible. Looking into a tow fund for Digby, SJ, and Fredericton events. Details to be arranged. Slalom School is May 2nd, HPDS is May 17th.
Rally Report: Ian P, gave a recap of Pierce Neige. The rallycross season is going well.

New Business: None
Old Business: None.
Adjourned, 8:30

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2014 AGM Minutes

2014 ASCC AGM 9-Dec-14

Called to order by Debbie M, 7:30pm
President’s report, read by Debbie M:
My thanks to the event directors for their hard work and determination to hold safe, fast, fun events all year long, many at the sacrifice of their own competition and usually helping out at events other then their own. Thanks too to the executive, most of whom also compete and help out at our many competitions as well as those of other clubs, and to all our members for their enthusiasm and good sportsmanship on the track or course and off.
We also thank our sponsors … O’Regans has been helping us out for many years now, and in the past few years Ralf Gietzen of PBM construction and Kraftwerks Auto has provided funds to help us improve our solo events equipment, enabling us to provide a more professional experience.
The use of a local parking lot has increased the attendance of our solo events in the last two years. We have an ASCC clock ready to present to the Stoneridge Fellowship Church to show our appreciation for the use of their lot.
The ASCC President’s award for 2014 was presented to our solo director Joel Nelson. Joel exemplifies the type of member that every club wants. Keen, hard working, , knowledgeable, polite , always offering a hand at any event he attends all while competing and being damned fast at the same time. Thanks Joel for all your efforts .. Congratulations.
It sounds like all the executive and discipline directors are ready to stand for another year and that is great news. We always are looking for help though so if anyone has an ambition to be on the executive then please let us know and job sharing can be arranged.
2015 is our 60th birthday and we are hosting the AGM so if anyone wants to help us organize the event or to help sponsor it please let me know.

Membership Report, Alan G: 170 members as of start of meeting. 12 are carryover memberships into 2015.

Treasurer’s Report, Brian J: Revenue down 15% because time attack is now run by the region. HPDS attendance and revenue was up. Solo was up by 25%, sponsorship increased, expenses were up 2%. Tow fund for PEI Nationals and Saint John regional was $3000. We purchased a display and additional timing lights for solo, and the fees for Digby Airport increased over last year.
Outstanding: 2014 ARMS levy, AGM expenses. Will be finalized for January meeting.

Race report, Brian G:
The 2014 season has come to a close as everyone is busy bundling up for the cold and race cars have begun hibernation. This past race season has been a good one as ASCC members continue to support road racing in Atlantic Canada and continue to represent well over 50% of the field on any given starting grid!
I have always talked about change over the past years and things continue to change even if the change stems from unfortunate circumstances. This past season has been a trying one for sure on our officials, Stewarts and Marshalls. When volunteers aren’t having much fun it’s hard to find volunteers, go figure. ARMS was put to the test this year by a few unfortunate incidents on and off the track and realized that they did not have the documentation in place to deal with these situations in as professional manner as possible. I know Dave Hull has been busy since the ARMS AGM updating the rules and now a good set of rules and a great action plan in place moving forward to train officials and stewards to better deal with the unwelcome situations. Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky that we have never really had to deal with this in the past, maybe we have had a great group of races that remember why they are there, to have fun. For some reason the art of racing side by side, door to door without contact was lost by a few but I think we will see an improvement for next year. On the plus side other ASCC members continue to demonstrate that you can still race side by side, door to door at even much higher speeds with zero contact, win or lose, these people had fun. In the race school we will continue to do our best to impress upon new racers the art of race craft, knowing what’s 360 deg around you at all times, driving 10/10ths and planning you next move all within split seconds. This is what makes racing fun!
AMP was shut down early this year with the JCM being held on the last weekend of September, this was not in madness to kick everyone out of racing early but rather help AMP take on the largest paving project since opening in 1974. We needed decent weather to be on our side this year to try and accomplish what we wanted and the only way to do this was to close early. I am happy to say the project was very successful with a lot of bumps and humps fixed, repaved and looking great to start next you on. Many of the AMP member clubs including ASCC, along with several individual ASCC members have also contributed substantially to funding more pavement being placed in the paddock giving everyone who uses the facility less gravel to park on. I’m looking forward to getting back to the track next year and the season getting under way.
I would like to wish all ASCC members and their families a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone in 2015!

Rally report, Ian P:
It’s the end of another year in Rallying. We’ve seen some highs, with Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia securing another WRC championship. Antoine L’Estage and Alan Ockwell winning all rounds of the CRC, and David Higgins and Craig Drew taking home top honours in the US.
We saw some lows as Mother Nature played havoc with our local Rally X championship, some low entries and very few events in Navex, and some extra work for some teams during the Performance Rally series. 2014 also saw the retirement of fan favourite Pat Richard due to medical issues from the National Series. We wish him well.
As we look forward to 2015, we are met with optimism. We have a Navex scheduled for the 10th of January. Rally X has started, with solid entries this past weekend, and a new Regional Rally X Series with events in NB.
In Regional Performance Rally, things have never been brighter. This year saw hundreds of spectators, 120 km of special stage and multiple geographical stage locations over two full days of proper stage rally with BAC’s Ledwedge Lookoff Rally.
The Canadian Association of Rallysport is set to release a new set of rules in early 2015 designed to make Performance Rallying easier to get into, with more accessibility and options for those starting in Performance Rallying.
There are already rumours of certain teams making secret quick turnaround trips to Ont and Que to bring back what is certain to be very competitive machinery, and pictures of cars that have arrived new to the region in the past few months have surfaced.
2015 is going to be better than ever, and we invite you along for the ride. Come get sideways with us.

Solo Report, Joel N.
Looking to secure Toyo Sponsorship for autoslalom for 2015. Dates are to be firmed up and confirmed with Stoneridge Church for slaloms. Looking into a no points ‘fun run’ event to allow participants to go to Loring AFB event in Maine. Currently scheduled for 8 events, dropping the worst event.
ASCC is now using the same points grouping as regional events, and is adopting the Time Attack style points system.
-Presentation of Solosport Awards-

Old business: AMP is undergoing the largest paving project since it was opened. 2013 patching was done in sub-par weather, and needed to be repaired. It has been along with new paving.

New Business: There was a proposal made by Debbie M to donate $2000 to AMP toward paving fund. 2nd Ian P, all in favour.

2015 AGM will be hosted by ASCC. Nov 13-15. We are looking for sponsors.

Ian P reminded of the ARRCA marshalling school in May. They would love your help.

Adjourned. 9:00pm

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November 2014 Meeting Change

As the 2nd Tuesday of November is the 11th this year, the November meeting will be held November 4th, 7:30pm at the Riverside pub.

The AGM (December meeting) will be held December 9th at Kartbahn in Bayers Lake at 7:30.

January meeting will return to normal date (2nd Tuesday of month) time and location.

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October 2014 Minutes

October 14th. 7:40pm

Membership report: Alan G. 166 members, 158 for 2014 ARMS levy purposes.

Treasurer’s report: Brian J. $13269 in chequing, $8615 in paypal. Waiting for AMP cheque to clear and last event revenue to come in. Have to pay region levy for final regional Autoslalom.

Club will contribute $20 toward banquet fee for all ASCC members who attend a ARMS AGM workshop and attend the banquet. Monies will be paid at event.

Solo: Joel N. Last event last Saturday. 32 competitors followed by an hour of fun runs. It was discussed if non Region members get points in club events. This needs to be clarified in the rules. It was asked how they are affected for insurance purposes. They are covered as long as they are part of an ASN affiliated club. There was discussion of the ASCC slalom rules. The book needs to be reviewed and brought in line with regional changes. There was also a question as to when registration closed. This should be handled in event supplemental regulations and discussed at ASCC AGM.

Rally: Ian P. Jim T is trying to do a NAV-X rally in January. We will be notified if it is a go.
8 Rallycross events are scheduled.

Race: Debbie M. 8 legends cars at Jack Canfield Memorial. the 3 hour went great. No wrecks, lots of good close racing. Safety cars and recoveries went well.
It was asked if a veteran driver took a rookie’s car for one session how fees would be assessed. If both the veteran and rookie drivers are registered there would be no additional fee (Rookie would still get rookie rate)

Next Meeting Nov 4 at Riverside pub.

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September 2014 Minutes

Membership report, Alan G 154 Members.

Treasurer’s report, Brian J $12098 in chequing, $8529 in paypal.

Solo, Joel N. 36 at AMP regional including several new members. Not all ASN rules are in the ARMS rulebook. This needs to be updated.

Race: Large # of Spec Miata incidents. Penalties are levied and changed with no notification to competitors. Racers are only finding out via revised standings. There is also no record of penalties or their reasons for events. Many competitors want this info, and should get it. Posts about this on forum are being deleted. Reply Debbie M: Penalty info only provided to driver involved. Last year it was felt that penalties were assessed to quickly, so this year there was an attempt to fix this and allow video review. The Org. is facing more incidents and under more pressure this year than in years past and is working to improve response, consistency, speed of decisions and communication.

Forum issues are being deleted with no consistency. Being moved, access is not being granted and rules are not visible or followed.

Rally: Last performance rally of season Oct 17th. Trout lake.

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August 2014 General Meeting Minutes

August General Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 7:30pm by Debbie M.

Membership Report: Alan G. 152 Members as of Today.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian J. $8144.17 in Paypal, $13589 in chequing. This amount includes the tow fund pay-out, but does not include the Digby rental fee.

Solo Report: Joel N. We have had 3 events since last meeting. 2014 Canadian Autoslalom Championships in Slemon Park Pei. We had 23 members, 20 qualified for tow fund. We had 2 club members finish in top 10. Event at Scotia Speed World had 34 competitors. Aug 8 in Lr. Sackville had 26 cars, despite calls for bad weather. Portable Toilet was a good idea, adnd is appreciated. Debbie M was faster than George in George’s Focus. Our next event is Sept 7 at AMP.

Rally: Ian P. Ledwidge Lookoff Rally is Aug 23 & 24. Spectator stage Saturday at 5pm in Conrad’s gravel pit near Dartmouth. Parc exposé at Dartmouth Crossing from 3-5. There will be a rally-cross exhibition at the pit during the event. Volunteers are still needed. Lookoffrally.com for info.

Race: Debbie M. Race this Sunday at AMP.

New Business: Do we know the location for the 2014 AGM? No, but it is in Moncton. ASCC will give $20 toward the banquet for any ASCC member attending a workshop at the AGM. ASCC is offering to host the 2015 AGM for our 60th anniversary.

Motion to adjourn 8:32pm

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