ASCC Meeting May 2022

70 members to date.

Current Bank Balance is $20045.20   
Outstanding Payables incl. 1) D&O Insurance, 2) Event Insurance for May 14 Autoslalom @ Stoneridge Church, May HPDS, and July 1-3 Autoslalom @ Digby, 3) HPDS Classroom session @ Fall River United Church, 4) Alan Gray VP/Membership expenses 4) Gordon Sleigh

We only have 6 Instructors for the HPDS – We will need to make a call on weather we go ahead or not. 6 Instructors means 12 students.
Discussion on this, 15 students would be our break even number.
Need to talk to Brian Gay about options. – Scott is going to contact him.
We will go ahead with 12 students if need be.

We can’t get Shearwater this year.
The tentative Slalom schedule was shared on Facebook several weeks ago. May 14 this Saturday is our first event at StoneRidge Church the supp regs have been posted on ARMS Forum and ASCC Facebook, including the registration link.
Digby, July 1-3 is also confirmed. Debbie is working to pin down a possible new venue at Aldershot base for other dates. Joel is working on Scotia Speedworld.

MMSC is hosting the Canadian Autoslalom Championship at Slemon, July 29-31. See their Facebook for details.

An ASCC account has been created with SpeedWaiver. It will be fairly straightforward to provide a waiver link with the supp regs for each event to be completed in advance. It will be a learning experience to deal with on site using a QR code and available data. 
Rocky Mountain is the next national in Alberta on May 27/28
Navex rally went ok, interesting using the electronic scoring. You get a notification and it tells you, you were one minute early or 14 seconds late etc. Works well. With the lack of real check pointers it changes the social aspect of the event at the end. 7 entries, everyone finished.
New Scotland Rally, June 18th  is the next event.
Pidge was looking at the end of September for another.

Having lots of meetings.
Test and Tune May 22nd
Frist race day is June 4th and 5th
All the dates are posted on the TRAC website.

We are going to try to continue doing in person and zoom meetings in the future.

May 2022 Club Meeting Minutes

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