Riverside Pub – 7:30

125 members to date

$21,948.45 currently in bank
Owe AMP for HPDS and Brian for an HPDS refund and certified copies of our Joint Stock Registration Certificate (required to apply for new account at BMO).

Entry money for June 22 and Digby events has been coming in.

15 students completed HPDS and were licensed for at least Lapping. Approximately 30 remain on the waiting list. Many thanks to instructors, marshals, and everyone else who helped offer a successful school.

Remaining scheduled Slalom events for 2022:

a.       June 22 – Scotia Speedworld (registration now available, 33 to date)

b.       July 1 – 3 Digby Double (registration now available, 23 to date)

c.       July 16 – Aldershot

d.       August 6 – Aldershot

e.       Sept 3 –Aldershot

f.       Sept 24 – Aldershot

Canadian AutoSlalom Championship will be hosted by MMSC at Slemon Park, July 29-31, 2022. http://www.cac2022.mmsc.ca/ There are 34 entries to date, 4 from ASCC.

4.       Aldershot Supplementary Regulations have been drafted and are in the process of seeking the approval of Aldershot Camp Commander.

5.       An Annual SpeedWaiver has been set up https://ascc.speedwaiver.com/azlgu and appears to be working well. 37 people have signed up since the Annual Waiver was posted. The first event under the Annual Waiver will be the June 22 SSW Slalom.

New Scotland rally is postponed until the fall
Trout Lake Rally is September 17&18
Bluenose rally date is TBD
Weekend gone by was the look off Rally Sprint. Good event weather was warm. Thanks to the volunteers. Good Stage times. Good event, thanks to everyone who made the event happen. Race
We had three students, lapping on Saturday. All three Students passed.
good day weather wise.
19 cars entered. Three of the races ended early under yellow/red flag. We ended the day on an oil spill.
we should have more entries for next race. July 9 & 10 s a two day weekend, the East Coast Mini Stock tour will be there in July.  Mr. Smooth will be the food truck for both days.

Other Business
Darrell Whitehead passed away. There will be a celebration of his life this Friday June 17 from 6pm – 9pm at the Masonic Lodge, 165 Coronation Street in Halifax .


ASCC Monthly Meeting June 14 2022

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