ASCC Monthly Club Meeting April 2022

60 members to date.

Outstanding payables include
Invoice from Gordan for website
Fall River United Church for HPDS Meeting Room
Alan has Invoices

HPDS is set for May 22-23. The classroom session on the evening of May 22 will be held at St Johns United Church, Fall River. Track day is May 23 at AMP. Brian Gay is recruiting instructors. Registration is full at 30 accepted participants. More than 10 are on the waiting list.

The tentative Slalom schedule was shared on Facebook several weeks ago, but the only confirmed venue to date is Digby, July 1-3. Debbie is working to pin down Stoneridge church, Shearwater, and a possible new venue at Aldershot base. Joel is working on Scotia Speedworld.

MMSC is hosting the Canadian Autoslalom Championship at Slemon, July 29-31. See their Facebook for details.

An ASCC account has been created with SpeedWaiver. It will be fairly straightforward to provide a waiver link with the supp regs for each event to be completed in advance. It will be a learning experience to deal with on site using a QR code and available data. 

Putting insurance back on the van for May 4th.

Mal Swann and Tim Dine went to Perce-Neige, it turned into a mud fest. Tim and Mal were in first place, until road conditions deteriorated so badly they cut three stages from the event. The ECU died in their car, they couldn’t get to the finish under their own power which resulted in DNF.

April 23 – Lost in Lunenburg Rally this is the rescheduled date.

New Scotland Road Rally is still a one-day event in July.

Keep your eye on the calendar

Two race committee meetings – lots of discussion and a lot to talk about, most of it was getting our ducks in a row. Seeing who is going to fill what rule.

Medicals for new racers, or racers returning from an extended absence in racing, are required to get a full medical done this year. Returning racers can complete the self-dec. medical similar to last year.

Race license pricing will be returning to its previous full price amount of $120. This was the standard price pre-covid so this is more of just a reminder to racers that the price is no longer discounted.

Looking for someone for gate

Need Volunteers, Grid, Sales (tshirt swag), Timing ect.  

AMP is getting fiber op within the next couple weeks.
AGM is tomorrow night.  

ASCC Monthly Club Meeting April 2022

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