7:37 called to order.

43 members to date.
Pidge handed in his membership tonight making 44.


Discussion on memberships and most recent payments. Renewed Joint Stock, Scott has been removed and Dave added.

Shearwater hasn’t committed yet. They didn’t say no but Covid has a backlog of usage by DND were still hopeful.
We should be good for Digby.
Haven’t heard back from the Church.
Going to look at dates for Scotia and possibly AMP

A discussion on lots, where how etc.

National Autoslalom Championship will be held in Moncton 2022

Rally has lost another event coordinator. Dustin has had to step away due to personal and business requirements.

BAC to run some summer rallyX.

Number of TSD events gone up.
Dates aren’t firm yet.
New Scotland Rally has been shortened to 400 km June 18th.
Pidges rally will be in the fall September 17

Performance rally dates June 11 & 12, August 13 & 14 for Trout Lake. Discussion with test in May

Cal has two more cars underway – so if you are looking for a car.

ASCC Race Director has no news

Joel, James and Daphne have been having meetings. Race call tomorrow night including Race Directors.  

There have been updates to the rules. Daphne has been working on readding what was discussed at the AGM. The meetings they are going to have will finalize the rule book and then it will be posted with the changes in red.

AMP – The tunnel will still need to be fixed.
             They will need a new fod boss.

Old Business

Stoneridge wants to go electronic with waivers. Speedwaiver.com
Short discussion – Debbie is going to get more clarification from Ming.

New Business

Motion by Scott Montgomerie to accept honorary membership of Scott Harrod, Leigh Pettipas and Brian Gay.
Everyone Agrees
Moton Passed.

Congratulations to Scott, Leigh and Brian

Swap Shop

Bruce has absolutely nothing for Swap Shop.

Moton to adjourn by Ian
Marc Seconds

8:40 meeting ended.

March 2022 Monthly Club Meeting

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