ASCC  Club Meeting
February 8 2022

34 members

$15241.07   in the bank
3 new members since last week.
ARMS Cheque cleared last week.

Dave Hewitt is our new ASCC Solo director!

Digby and the church are confirmed for one event

Proposed Dates 2022
May 14 – Church
May 23 – HPDS
June 22 –SSW
June 25 – Shearwater
July 1 – Digby Test & Tune
July 2 – Digby Day 1
July 3 – Digby Day 2
July 16 – Shearwater
August 6 – Shearwater
Sept 3 –Shearwater
Sept 24 – Shearwater

Waiting for confirmation from locations for slalom dates.

Organizers are having a meeting for HPDS next Thursday. We have the list of people who were signed up last year. We will give two weeks for the people on the list from last year to decide if they would like to take it this year, after that we will open up registration to everyone.

Won’t know about Insurance costs until around April 1

Race has been quiet, the dates have been added to the ARMS Calendar. -There may be one or two, two day events. The weekends are confirmed, just waiting to see what weekends would be two day events.

Joel, Daphne and James had a call last night. They are trying to build a base list of what needs to happen on the weekend and who the contacts are.  This would make it easier to delegate if we have the information accessible.

Navex in Bridgewater – they are going to use electronic timing, not conventional checkpoints so it should be interesting to see how that works. Date is February 26. No Sup. Regs. posted yet.

National : Rally safe is the system of use for Canada

Rallycross – no events yet, after weather today will make event locations impossible to access. Between Covid BAC hasn’t been able to hold any events.

Performance rally – 3 events on calendar

Club Business
Pidge requested we figure out a date format. – Debbie to respond to Pidge to get the president to tell us what format he wants us to use. We currently use Day- Month- Year

Brian to get Debbie to sign a cheque for donation to food bank

 No drones or electric vehicles aloud at events – Ming to confirm what is included in the definition of “electric Vehicle”

Swap Shop
For sale
2012 Impresa skid plate – David Hewitt
Bumper for 2004 WRX – David Hewitt

Brett’s Autocross legends car is up for sale again.

Motion to Adjourn – Ian
Seconded – Chris

February 2022 Club Meeting

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