ASCC Club Meeting
January 11 2022


27 Members


cheques written have been cashed

we haven’t made a donation to the food back yet for 2021. We normally make one for $250.00
Ian moves to donate same amount – Shawn seconds – everyone approves.


No luck on finding a new solo director as of yet.
Debbie hasn’t contacted anyone about lots yet

We need a new Solo Director. No prospects
Need a High Performance Solo Director


Hopefully people have been working on their cars

Has been a few questions about official dates – hope to have them posted this week.

AGM for the Canadian association of rally sport was held Saturday virtually
New president has been appointed.

Nothing on the Region Front due to covid, things are being pushed. Waiting to see.

Club Business

Our website has been copied. We’ve been getting a lot of messages regarding this.
Gordon is continuing to take care of our website.

New Business
Need to Review our bylaws – Ian and Chris are going to review this. Hope to have a update by march and done by September so we can Vote on it.

Region needs a solo director

Approve appointment of discipline directors
Ian to continue as Rally
Marc to continue as Race

January 2022 Meeting Minutes

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