December 14 2021
Riverside Pub  & Via Zoom 7:30


123 as of August 31, 2021

142 total members

If you want to join for next year, complete the online membership and send Brian money at password ascc2022


$15715.57 in the bank

We had only three events and generated a net income of $493.05

Solo report

2021 was not a whole lot different then 2020, lockdowns happened which made us cancel the HPDS. We tried to reschedule but

Unfortunately with the tightly packed AMP schedule there was nowhere to fit a school on a weekend instructors would be available.

ASCC held three slalom events in 2021..  Shearwater was unavailable for any events due to a military training backlog so we made do with 2 church events, and a return of the AMP event.  All 3 events had decent attendance considering the restrictions put in place by the province.  Once again no championship was awarded due to the low event count and short notice we were able to give.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to an event this year and put up with the restrictions.  As well I’d like to thank the timing & scoring crew of Pidge, Cathy and Krista.

This report marks my final year as ASCC solo director.  Not how I wanted to leave the position, but other obligations forced my hand.  I had a great time these past 5 years running events and introducing new people to the sport.  I’d like to thank everyone who has attended a slalom event, and specifically thank all those who helped out in any way.  Whether it was course setup, cleaning up spills with quick dry, putting out engine fires, or just helping pack the van up at the end of the day.  I appreciated it all.

I wish the new director good luck, and I will still be around regularly to assist

ARMS AGM – Unsure of who the Region solo director would be was Ming but then he was elected president of ARMS – Regional Solo Director may be up as well.

We made a change that passengers are aloud in regional and club events now.

-Scott Montgomerie

Rally Report

A decent year all things considered,

Covid really sent a wrench into the works, organizing club elected to go with a series of rally sprints. We had 10 cars enter the events and had 18-20 cars built in the region. To have double digit number of cars to enter the events after years of trying to grow is really promising.

Navex has had a decent number of entries and smiles on peoples faces.

Next year the New Scotland road rally, so anyone who is looking for paved road only and some vintage vehicles date is June 19 2022.

A National Performance Championship was held with restrictions in 2021, won by Andre and Rene Leblanc. 

Regionally a TSD was held. The New Scotland Road Rally had to be delayed another year due to restricitons. June 19 2022 new date. 

Club level Rallysprint did occur successfully, 3 events. No Regional Championship. Of particular note is the double digit entry with all local cars, showing the health of the interest locally. 

Club level Rally Cross did occur, with interruptions due to lockdowns. 

A solid 2022 calendar is prepared, but will be dependent on any restrictions in place. 

-Ian Pearce

Race Report

Well, 2021 began at a slower past compared to normal years. We did hold our first race until July, but we had 8 entrants to the race school this year so that’s a plus. The one-hour endurance race was renamed the Derek Lugar Memorial Race for that weekend and will happen every year during the first race weekend. There was a nice track-side ceremony for Derek that weekend as well.

We had a grand total of only 3 races this year, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but we did learn some valuable lessons trying out new weekend formats for the schedule and understanding what works and doesn’t work for split class races. We had, on average, 17 entrants each weekend, which isn’t terribly low given the pandemic. The JCM went ahead this year in its regular, raising just shy of $13,000. Way to go!

At the ARMS Race Workshop there were a few minor rules to be updated: officially adding in the safety car/pit stop rules, among some other small things. The one major change being the class brackets for next year. Each bracket has been spaced out 2 seconds from the other, meaning GT4-6 will not change but GT3 has been bumped back 1 full second, and GT2 by 2 seconds. You can see it officially in the rule book when it is updated on the website. The other major change was the Race Director position. Joel Nelson has kindly stepped down from the position and James Whitman has offered to step back in. Since James is quite busy at the moment, I’m sure he will be getting lots of help and assistance from Joel and the team as we head back into the summer after the new year.

So, what is new for next year?

There were mixed reviews on the 2-day weekends during the workshop, mainly positive from the racers but a few strong concerns about over-working volunteers. So, in-lieu of this, there will be a relatively equal amount of 1 and 2 day race weekends next year. Speaking of races, if Covid doesn’t blow another head gasket then the plan is to run a full regular season next year. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that.

All in all, 2021 ended up being a very busy and eventful year for many and hopefully 2022 will have even more success.

Presidents Report

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, 2021 came along. Not only were we in Nova Scotia shut down longer than the rest of Atlantic Canada during the summer months but Shearwater had a backup of training sessions and so we could not use that site at all. We were able to schedule 3 slalom events though and they were well attended and well run. Our big event, the High Performance Driving School in May, was once again shelved but our club members kept busy with competing or officiating at other solo, race and rally events.

Our membership is about 123 at last count and we are all looking forward to a better normal in 2022. The bad news is that we are losing our solo events director. Scott Montgomerie has to dedicate more time to his job (the nerve!) and so we are on the hunt to find a replacement. Scott has promised to be around to help and train and we want to thank him for his enormous effort these past few years.

The rest of the executive were busy working or competing too, and I hope that we continue to have the same crew for next year. Our treasurer Brian Jarvis has kept us in the black and provided us with beautiful new ASCC badges (ask him for more info), VP Alan Gray keeps our membership list up to date with regular reports to Pidge, secretary Krista Nelson records our rambling meetings and keeps us current on social media, Ian Pearce is our long suffering rally director, making sure we get regular rally updates both locally, nationally and internationally. Race director Marc Vezina was busy building a new home and getting married so we expect big things from him next year now that all these milestones are behind him. And long time member Chris Ward stays close as director-at-large, trying to keep in mind WWGD (what would George do). And I managed to not blow up the Miata or embarrass myself too badly on the slalom circuit.

Thank you to all our membership for their patience and understanding these past two years. We will all hold our breath for 2022.

Yours in Motorsport

Debbie Miller

President ASCC


Thank you to Gord for the help for the online portion.

The 2022 calendar is currently being worked out.

Ming is now president of ARMS

Graham McCrea is now Secretary

All the workshops went well.

AMP received a large generous donation from Derek Lugar of $250,000

License Registrar:

No news

New Business

Honorary membership request – (member for 15 years)

Chris Ward nominated Scott Harrod
Joel Nelson nominated Brian Gay
Alan Gray nominated Leigh Pettipas

Mark Flemming let us take copies of all his motorsports scrapbooks, Brian has been keeping busy digitizing all of that.

Bruce has slide and photos of the same era as the scrap book

Motion to ratify the directions of the executive for 2021
Joel Moves
Scott seconds

President – Debbie has reoffered – no other nominations – Debbie by acclimation
Vice President – Alan reoffered – no other nominations – Alan by acclimation
Secretary – Krista reoffered – no other nominations – Krista by acclimation
Treasurer – Brian reoffered – no other nominations – Brian by acclimation

We have a guest – from Ontario, joining our group going to do lapping and marshalling

Swap Shop
Bruce – looking for a Nissan Maxima up to 2012- would like to have a standard – for a winter beater

Has a sent of chev rims 15”

2002 BMW 5series up forsale

In the market for a set of harnesses for the street not for racing doesn’t need to be in spec just in decent shape for his Ferrari kit car – Brian may have a set

Considering selling his 2004 Nissan Sentra spec v

Artic cat leather jacket for sale – size medium – brand new

Chris – has a customer who is selling BMW 17” steel wheels with tires

Ian moved to adjourn
Marc Seconds

Merry Christmas

2021 ASCC AGM Minutes

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