Someone has copied the information from the real website and is sending out fake job offers. Please do not respond. ASCC is a volunteer club that does not have any employees.

The website they are using is ascc-wsu dot com.

PSA: Scammers have copied ASCC website

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5 thoughts on “PSA: Scammers have copied ASCC website

  1. Thanks for this news, I got a job offer as a social media assistant and I wanted to confirm it was coming from the right source. Please if isn’t coming from the company, please attend to this issue so lots of people don’t fall prey.

    1. We are trying to correct this but it’s not looking like it is possible. It should be obvious when you read this that it is a scam.

  2. Indeed told me they removed the job but it hasn’t been removed. Maybe start with Indeed on getting them to remove the posting properly. Thank you for putting the information on your website. I had received an invitation to interview for Data Entry Assistant as well.

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