January 12 2021


Membership Report

7 Members

Treasurer Report

We have $15711.62

Race Report:
Dates are in the calendar now, planning double weekends.
A few people who have new cars and will need licenses this year.
East Coast Mini Stock Tour is planning to come in September

Solo Report:
Dates are in the calendar, no conflicts we know of. Same locations as usual.
Our regional isn’t until July.  St. John is trying to plan one for June pending lot availability.
Haven’t heard anything from National Solo about any changes. 

Rally Report:
CARS Virtual AGM was Saturday, Ian Attended.
45 Minutes of AGM on “New ASN” Scenario. They did a draft of what they would like the CARS/New ASN relationship to look like in order to affiliate. It states that CARS has ultimate domain over Rally in Canada. Not much went on last year event wise.

Kartbahn – We cannot have an in person meeting due to Covid restrictions.
We will try again in February

Waiting for AMP AGM. Debbie inquired still waiting to hear.

Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show : March 12-14
They have our credit from last year
waiting to hear what is going to happen, restrictions may not be lifted by then.  

Photo Project : We have two drives fill of scanned photos from Georges and Ralphs collections, going to swap them every couple of months.  

Atlantic Sports Car Club January Meeting Minutes

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