February 9 2021

Membership Report
We have 21 members
Asked Gordon to look to see if we can add a fillable membership form to the website and add a payment option.

Treasurer Report
Membership cheque outstanding to ARMS
Received Invoice from Gordon for website
Still waiting for Credit from Insurance on Van for Winter Storage  

Solo Report
Debbie emailed Shearwater the dates, hasn’t heard back yet
Need to have a HPDS meeting.
Need to have a Budget meeting
2021 Pax numbers are out now.

Rally Report :
First Performance Rally committee meeting on the 11th not much to discuss. Nothing new from National as of yet.
Rallycross is cancelled.
Bluenose car rally May 22nd, Pidge has the route planned, still has to check the roads, 220km. North Mountain Area. 

Race Report :
Jenn has been working on the TRAC Website, it’s about 90% done. She is looking for driver info to do driver bio’s. If you want to reach out with your information email promotions@armsinc.ca
She’s also working on a sponsorship package.
Race dates are posted
June/July are normal and August/September will try the two-day weekends.
Mini Stock tour are coming in September

Other Business :
We have agreed to be part of SDG, they are working on an insurance package, hopefully we get something soon to review.

Archives – we have a hard drive that has everything done so far on it. We will swap it Tuesday for a new one and then swap them back and forth monthly. We are waiting for Kevin to tell us when he is ready for more photos.

Handbook Revisions have been approved except for ARMS being listed on Insurance, still talking about that one, no longer need a Venue permit for club events.

Sports and RV Show is Cancelled.    

February 2021 Meeting Minutes

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