Atlantic Sports Car Club Annual General Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2020


28 Official Attendees & Proxy’s

Reading of 2019 minutes :
Motion by Evan.
Second Joel.
Minutes Passed

Membership Report

We have 127 Voting members
September 1 was the cut off. New members joining now will get card for 2021
7 members after September 1

No new Honorary members this year.

You can renew your membership any time now.

Treasurer Report

We have $16010.12. In 2019 we had $19150.74
difference is less events this year so entry fees are down, administration fees are up a little. We also now have expenses of the Van.

Proposal to do a second instalment of $500 for the motorsport photo project.

Motion to approve treasurer report Marc V
Second by Scott H.
Everyone in Favor
Budget Passed

Race Report:
Year didn’t start out as planned, schedule had to me moved around and started in June with a test and tune, only had three events. JCM number were high.

ASCC had one rookie awarded a race license

ARMS AGM touched on next year, going to try two-day events. Split races combined with Time Attack and Lapping.

Regional Race : no points in 2020, only gave out the Hard Luck Award and the Les Fraser Award.

Looking for people to have a Race Committee to grow the sport
Event Host : would give people information when they come in.
Race Host : Run the day, keep us on schedule, grid cars, PA, Hold drivers meeting.
Sponsor Liaison : Find sponsor, make sure photos are taken, ect.

Proposed Race Dates :
May 29 or 30 – Test & Tune
June 5/6 – Race School/ Race
July 17/18
August 21/22
September 18/19
October 3 – JCM

Solo Report:

Scott’s Solo report

I will make this report like our season:  Short, and thrown together in a rush. In no time at all we went from planning the HPDS to wondering if there would even be motorsports in 2020.  Unfortunately, we never did get a chance to hold the HPDS, but thanks to some relaxed government restrictions in August we were able to hold 3 slalom events at shearwater.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to an event this year and put up with the extra restrictions.  As well I’d like to thank the timing & scoring crew of Pidge and Cathy who put up with me trying to run pre-registration only events that never quite worked out that way.

With no points championship, we have no trophies to award, so that makes this a quick report.  ASCC is planning a full solosport calendar for next year and I hope we can see it happen.

Proposed Slalom Dates :
May 15 Church?
June 12 Shearwater
June 23 Scotia Speed world
July 2 Digby Test and Tune
July 3 Digby day 1
July 4 Digby day 2
July 24 Shearwater
August 14 Shearwater
Sept 4 Shearwater
Sept 25 Shearwater

Class : SM/T  ,  SSM/T, SMF/T, removed, replaced by XS-A and XS-B
New High Performance Solo Director : Alex Brunt

Rally Report:

Ian’s Rally Report

The 2020 season started strongly for Rally in the Atlantic Region. ASCC hosted its annual Rally of the Midwinter Moon the 18th January. 12 teams and numerous club members volunteered their time to run the event. A good time was had by all.

Sister club BAC continued their Rally X series, in which ASCC members figured regularly.

The summer was gearing up for a strong season, when March hit. All aspects of life, including motorsport became curtailed with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The season did manage to get one more Navex Rally completed in October, with safety precautions in place, run by BAC.

The entire Performance Rally Calendar ended up cancelled, along with every National Event save for Pierce Neige. The Canadian Championship will not be awarded for 2020.

The organizers for 2021 Midwinter Moon have put the event on hold, simply due to restrictions in place due to the Pandemic. Tentative performance dates are June 5th Rallysprint, Aug 7/8 Lookoff Rally, Sept12/13th Trout Lake Rally. BAC will attempt the New Scotland Road Rally (a long-distance touring style Navex) on the 26/27th weekend of June.

Like most of the community, we look forward to a return to some semblance of normal in 2021.

License Registrar:
Pidge reoffered

James Whitman is the treasurer now
Voted to affiliate with the new ASN
Thanks to Gordon for helping with it

No Awards

Thanks to Brian for Zoom Call

Actions of Board for 2020 Ratified
Motion by Evan
Second by Marc V.

Elections : Everyone reoffered, No change

Show and Tell

2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes

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