ASCC General Meeting Feb 2020

Called to order 1931hrs

Race report. 4 weekends. JCM Oct. 

Mini stock series to join us for a weekend. July likely. 

Race school flat fee $500 for everything. Weekend, first race weekend, license. 

Lapping days to be on race weekends as well the Saturday. 

Actively seeking sponsors for this year. Publicity to be part of it. 

Rally Report. 

New venue good. 

Reviewed CRC

Rally X

Performance dates June 6th, Aug 8/9th  September 5/6th

Solo Report

HPDS filling quickly. Deposits being excepted.

Slemon is a National. Not sure why not being advertised as of yet. 

Awaitng word from Shearwater. 

No word from Church on a May event. 

Treasure Report;


This is including outstanding cheques not yet cashed. 

Old Business

Jan Karting not as busy as previous years. 

ASN. Several submisions to be the new ASN. Decision expected mid March or sooner.

Regardless insurance is available. 

Question of National license issuing. Debbie to follow for Scott Gionu. (sp)

ARMS president has deliver her second little one. Noah. 

New business

Car show upcoming, Race car Rallycar to be included March 14th-15th

Club Trailer now sold to BAC.

Membership will be required for licenses this year. 

Swap Shop. 

Bruce has a bunch of stuff for sale. 🙂

Meeting adjourned at 1953hrs, M Chris Ward. S Marc Vezina

Respectfully submitted;

Ian Pearce

February 2020 Club Meeting Minutes

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