Atlantic Sports Car Club January Club Minutes
January 14, 2020

Membership Report
We have 37 members
We voted to ratify Alan Gray as honorary member – all in favor

Treasurer Report
We have $19,381.94 in our chequing account.
$340.00 cash from memberships at the December meeting
We do not know the cost of the insurance on the van yet or the income from sale of the trailer.
We owe Vantage for 4 bags of floor dry we bought in July. Joel needs to get bill for that, he thinks it’s around $85.00.

Solo Report :
Meeting for organizing the HPDS is set for January 22 for HPDS Solo Director & co. It will still be on Victoria Day with classroom session the night before at Kartbahn. Price should remain the same as expenses shouldn’t increase this year.

Nationals are at Slemon this year. MMSC has released the dates,
July 17,18,19.

Debbie needs the dates emailed to her for Slalom.
We are planning the same number of dates as last year. Digby will be changed to last weekend in June because of nationals. We will have no events in October because of weather. Need to find out what happens at Shearwater if we cancel event and have no room to reschedule, do we get money back or can they keep it and apply it to next year?

Time Attack has released their dates. Three events, June, July and August on the Saturdays of the race weekend. Cost should be close to last year.

Rally Report :
This weekend January 18 2020 is first Navigational Rally of the year, hosted by ASCC. It’s 200km on good roads. Please let organizers know if you’re planning to attend so they can prepare route books. They are good for Volunteer’s.
Sunday January 19 2020 is BAC’s first Rallycross at AMP, Next Rally cross on January 26 2020 will be at their new venue in Stewiacke.

Race Report :
Dates are ready, They moved July to accommodate MMSC and Slemon.
waiting to find out costs. (insurance, AMP cost ect)
Having 4 races this year May, June, July, August. Plus JCM October 4th
Email will be going out to racers this week with dates.
Waiting to hear from ARMS re insurance and ASN/FIA. There shouldn’t be any issues this year. 

ASCC needs new Race Director as Joel is now ARMS Race Director.
Marc Veznia volunteered

Appoint Directors
Rally – Ian Pearce
Solo – Scott Montgomerie
Race – Marc Veznia
Club – Chris Ward

We took donations for the Food Bank. ASCC will match donations dollar for dollar.

Old Business
We bought a Van and sold our trailer to BAC – Ian is going to take paperwork for trailer and start process of transferring it to BAC.

Sports and RV show – March 13, 14 & 15. Deposit is paid.
This year we have an extra spot, organizing is in the early stages. Looking for people to help out. Hoping to have a Race, Rally, Solo car and a Kart there. Hoping to have information to present to executive by the presidents meeting on January 25, 2020.

New Business :
Head of ASN resigned. Left everyone unassociated with FIA. Cindy is working on this. We have a guarantee from Stoneridge that they will provide insurance for this year.

Presidents Meeting January 25 2020.

No date for the AMP AGM yet.

Move to adjourn meeting by Ian, Second by Joel.

January 2020 Club Meeting Minutes

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