Atlantic Sports Car Club March Club Minutes
March 10, 2020
Riverside Pub

Membership Report
We have 66+ members
We voted to ratify Alan Gray as honorary member – all in favor – Alan now honorary member

Treasurer Report
We have $19,778 in our chequing account.

Solo Report
HPDS is currently full, 2 people on waiting list

Digby has confirmed for June 26,27,28
Debbie emailed the church – hasn’t heard back
Shearwater can’t confirm dates until April : going to see if  we can get a May date at Shearwater.
Joel has sent email to Scotia.

Laptop: Scott hasn’t had time to look for one yet.

Rally Report:
Rally is at a stead state
Performance Rally Dates:  August 8-9 (Lookoff rally) September 5-6 (Trout Lake Rally)
Waiting for info on a possible Test and Tune or Rallysprint.
There are a lot of Rally Cars forsale in Quebec right now for good prices.

ARRCA AGM is this Sunday at Piolets Pub.

They had 23 entries at the last Rallycross, Bruce Buntain showed up at the rallycross before the end of registration.

There will be a Nav X Rally May 23. 208 km for experienced and 171 km for Novice.
Cost is currently $20 but might go up if they include a meal at the end.

Race Report:
Joel and Leigh have been working on Sponsorship program.
Each car will need to have sponsor stickers on their car. Depending on sponsorship decals will be 4×6, 2×6 or windshield banner.
Currently have 4 sponsors. Vantage Motors, Harrington’s VW, Sensory Motors, MCN Motorsports.
Sponsors receive: Free Season Pass, Series t-shirt, Media (Facebook, YouTube, Inside Track)

Old Business
BAC Picked up the trailer on Sunday.

AMP AGM is March 22 at 12:30

Sports and RV show –  This weekend March 13, 14 & 15.
Looking for people to help out. Shifts are 10-2, 2-5, 5-8 need one person for each shift.  
They will be selling tickets on a generator; money goes to the Development Track.
There are Pamphlets and cards to hand out from ASCC, BAC, Race.
Race also has free day pass tickets to pass out.  

New Business:

Move to adjourn meeting by Marc.

March 2020 Club Meeting Minutes

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