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Sept 1 194 members, not quite as high as las year but had about a dozen since then. Membership can be renewed

34 members in attendance + 7 proxies, so we have reached quorum.

Treasurer’s Report:
Small outstanding bill for oil dry for van
Club made money this year, though bought a van. Income down $4700, plus van purchase. Solo entry fees revenue was down slightly.

$17,000 income from Solo, rally and HPDS made up for decline. Overall expenses up slightly. Nothing outstanding other than van. Trailer sold to BAC. Acct balance $19,590.75. Still need to pay for van insurance and trophies, bills not submitted.

Race Report:
Good 2019 race season, 7 ppl took school, 6 raced for year, received full license. Only a few “wall attacks.” Bottle bags great for some impacts, problematic for high-speed car direct impacts. 24 cars at JCM, 1 hr red flag. More sponsors and more entrants lead to $7,000 raised for AMP. Loss of Tim McNeil was a tragedy for all motorsports and tracks in the region. Tim and his push toward safety will be greatly missed. This is Joel’s last report as ASCC Race Director, he will become ARMS Race Director for 2020.

Busy year for atlantic rally. Cal Vandalen and Meg Grandmaison won regional championship. Jan 18th, ASCC first Navex of year for 2020.
New potential location for BAC RallyX near Stewiacke, but needs to be frozen for use.

Any new regional rally news? The number of rallycars is increasing in the area, hoping for more entrants.

New: Does license registrar for region have any comments? Pidge: No.

Solo: Recordbreaking solo year. 435 entrants, 9 events. Avg 43 per. 153 unique entrants. 74 entries, ASCC record, may be ARMS regional record. 28 entries even for late-year cold and rainy event. Thanks to all marshalls and volunteers. 3rd year in position somehow felt even busier than previous years. Thanks to all those who help regularly. Joel, Alan, Pidge, Krista, Cathy. I can’t do this by myself, so it’s nice for the help. No big changes planned for 2020. 9 points events, 3 regional, Looking at 5 Shearwater, 2 Digby, 1 SSW, 1 Stoneridge.

ASCC has offered to organize Test and Tune for National autoslalom expected for Slemon PE this year. Dates TBD.

Presentation of awards.

Old business:
Jan 14 meeting will be at Kartbahn, all members in attendance tonight will get free karting. Marshalls will be offered free karting too.

We bought a van to move timing gear etc, better for club than trailer. Old trailer sold to BAC.

New: We are hosting 2020 Region AGM in Truro to mark 65th year of club.

Ratification of 2019 executive. Moved Joel N, second Bruce B. All in favour.

Elections committee

Most of executive is reoffering.
1: President. Debbie Miller is reoffering. No nominations from floor. Debbie wins.
2:VP. Alan is reoffering. No nominations from floor.
3:Treasurer. Brian Jarvis is reoffering. No nominations from floor.
4:Secretary. Bruce Buntain put himself forward. Krista N nominated by Brian P, accepts. Krista N wins vote.

Swap Shop

Scott M motion to adjourn. Second Scott H.

2019 AGM Minutes

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