131 Members before new members from autocross last Saturday. Estimated around 10-15 new at that event

No treasurer’s report.

Solo (Scott M) HPDS Victoria Day long weekend. Wet event, 28 entries, most received their license. No incidents. Second slalom last weekend at Shearwater. 67 entries. Finished on time. Saint John Regional 2 start of June 40 entrants, ASCC finished 1-2. Scotia Speedworld the 19th. Preregistration only. Half full now. Competitors need to be ready by 5pm for evening event. Digby Double Canada Day long weekend. $90 pre-reg by June 14 to get that rate and t-shirt guarantee. Still some rooms blocked at Coastal Inns, until 14th.

q: any 1-day Digby deals? Yes, $50.

Race Report: Next Race June 23. 7 students in last race school. All but two got on-track. Some issues with asphalt damage in T5. Race weekend broke even.

New racing decoders arrived, missing software so can’t swap to new timing system yet.

Time Attack June 22nd. Looking for Steward. Could use some more volunteers. $200 for TA, $120 for lapping. Site should be ready now.

Rally: Rallysprint the 15th . Could use some more volunteers. Ledwidge rally August 10-11.

New Business: ARRCA (Marshalls) have bought a new van. Should club give a $500 donation to ARRCA toward that/to help. All in favour.

Club is looking for a new van/truck to replace timing trailer for club gear. If anyone has/knows where to locate a reasonable used 2500/250+ Cargo Van or similar please let us know.

Old Business:

June Meeting Minutes

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