ASCC Meeting
September 12 2023
Jim’s Family Restaurant


197 Members – Alan not in attendance


$21654.18 in the bank
7 outstanding payables which will bring our balance to $18269.70

Membership Levy’s Paid up.
Received invoice from Scotia Speed World for our events there

Nothing new to report, still looking for lots.

Zack has access to a helmet shelf for the van will hold 5 helmets, asking $20. Waiting to see photos

A few members went to Moncton for their last event. ASCC took the top two Raw times and Top Pax time. There were 10 runs.

High Performance Solo

Held a Time attack, it had 10 cars and 20 Lappers. Went well.

Need to review how we release cars from pit lane.

Shawn is continuing on as High Performance Solo Director next year.

Regular Season for race is over. We had 12 racers, 13 lappers. TRAC series sponsorship is going to even out the year to make us break even.

Just the JCM left which is suppose to be this Sunday September 17th, watching the weather to see if the hurricane lets it happen. The decision will be made Friday and noon whether it will be happening or not. Unsure about a reschedule date as the Trout Lake Rally is the following weekend and AMP isn’t sure when the paving will start.

ASCC donated $250 to the JCM.

The Pacific Forest Rally, to be held in Merrit BC 29/30 Sept is now cancelled due to wildfire risk/impact. They will hold a regional event in its place sometime in Oct. This is the second time this event has been impacted by Mother Nature in terms of fire. The organizers have made it clear to the CARS board that they cannot continue to plan a National Event in Sept in this part of the country.

Rally Defi was this past weekend.

Trout Lake Rally is this weekend Sept 24, currently 6-8 competitors registered. They are still in need of volunteers. If you previously tried to email to volunteer and didn’t get a response back, please email and the email will be passed along to the correct person. Roads look good, should be a fast event.

Other Business

We have the room booked at Freemans for our October Meeting.

We need to add an alternate administrator for our Google Workspace, Alan is the main and Ian is going to be backup administrator.

AMP is doing a large paving job, using the rest of the Lugar fund. They are fixing the bump in turn 1 and then repaving from exit of 4 down the back stretch through 5/6. SARL is donating $50,000. We made a donation of $2500 in 2018 when they did the paving then.

Scott H made a motion to donate $2500 to AMP to add to the paving fund.
Seconded by Scott M.

Passed unanimously

ARMS AGM is November 3,4,5 in Moncton. Waiting for confirmation on location and information.

September Club Meeting Minutes

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