ASCC Club Meeting

Freemans Little New York due to Flood at Riverside


Called to order 1936hrs

11 members present.




$23,079.92 in acct.

Several cheques outgoing

Brian is investigating new banks, two allow more online access.

The most recent meeting sent a reminder, to arrive with bank shut, due to flooding.

Discussion on what good customer service looks like.

Van currently at Joels. Last event complete, so Van could be stored? Insurance ends Sept 26, could store before and remove liability.


Work is ongoing to gain relations with Greenwood. We have contacts working in this vein.

Slemon: Same course, good event. Condtions ok un even rain for some rungroups. Update on class leaders. Posted to ARMS forum and MMSC site. Discussion about course layout.

A hot rod magazine was onsite for photo ops. Excellent work done.

New Helmets will be at the track for ASCC. (slalom)


Multiple track issues in terms of rain damage. T8 has had two major washouts, with gravel traps ending up accross T7. Bike guys stepped up and did the last one on Sunday. 19/20 AUG next race weekend. Concern about trailers on the interm bridge. Discussion on entries. Lapping Sat and Sun.

A number of our locals traveled to Mosport, where all 4 Podiumed. Congrats.

Daryll and Owen Mahar 2nd 3rd GP of Trois Rivier.


23/24 SEP 2023 Trout Lake

19 NOV 2023 Lookoff

Paul Delaney is volunteer coordinator. Volunteers needed.

Pidge reports roads in decent shape post rains.

Old Business:

none presented

New Business:

Heather has a new, Supra.

Motion to adjourn 2010hrs.

August Club Meeting Minutes

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