Called to order 1932hrs.
12 present, Alan, Debbie for exec.
Light Snow Storm.

Tresurer Report: Brian Forwarded data, out of town.
$17,265.51 in bank.

Discussion on Shearwater, fees for HPDS. Hope to keep $300.
Welcome to Shawn Luciano as HS solo director.

56 members this far. Good for Jan.

Nothing to report. Joel not present. Quiet time of year.

CARS AGM this weekend.
Reminder of PN Feb.
Passing of Ken Block and Bruno Kreibech.
Bluenose Rally in April. Pidge organizing.

Director Appointments:
Directors were announced. No changes from last year, excepting HS solo.

Old Business:
Solo, lots, new solo lots? Possible contact for Woodside. Too busy and populated?

New Business:
AMP AGM coming up. Andy Hill may not reoffer after many years.
Discussion on candidates.

Swap Shop:

No Bruce, no 80s truck wheels for sale.
Several Rallycars for sale. See Cal.

Move to adjourn, 2005 hrs

Moved Ian Pearce
Seconded Brian Partridge

ASCC Monthly Meeting JAN2023

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