December 13 2022
Riverside Pub  7:30

Attendance : Ian Pearce, Debbie Miller, Alan Gray, Krista Nelson, Brian Jarvis, Christopher Salmon, Daniel Salmon, Nickolai Roussakov, Skye Mullen, Umberto Lopresti, Chris Ward, Scott Harrod, Scott Montgomerie, Michael Simms, Joel Nelson, Shawn Luciano, Heather McKay, Ralph Brooks, Andrew Mitchell, Bruce Buntain, Mike Reese, Brian Partridge, Devon Thorpe, Zack Miller, James Partridge, Ryan Devoux

Proxys : G.Sleigh, D.Sleigh, Paul Anderson, Walter Tennant, Trevor Gray, David Hewitt, Ralph Rosere, Frank McCarthy, Phil Tuff, Steve Phillips


We are slowly building our membership base back from the pre covid high of 207 members in 2018 and 215 in 2019 to a total of 161 members this year.  If we can manage to convince Shearwater to let us use their facilities again in 2023 I am confident we will approach the 200’s once again.

I would encourage all members to renew at the earliest opportunity, if present it can be done tonight! I will be posting a new online membership form soon to make it easier to renew.

37 members signed up for 2023 so far.

Alan Gray

VP Membership


$18176.06 in the bank
Roughly $1500 still to come out

Solo report

1. The 2022 season began with the annual ASCC High Performance Driving School. The classroom session was held at St. John’s United Church in Fall River on Sunday, May 22 and the track session was held at AMP on Monday, May 23. 15 students completed HPDS and were licensed for at least Lapping. Approximately 30 remained on the waiting list. Many thanks to instructors, marshals, and everyone else who helped offer a successful school. Special mention to Brian Gay, Scott Montgomerie and Joel Nelson. The traditional dates for HPDS in 2023 would be May 21 and 22, 2023.

2. We were deeply disappointed to be denied the use of Shearwater for the 2022 season. Hopefully this venue will be available for use in 2023.

3. Slalom events held in 2022 were:
a. May 14 – StoneRidge Fellowship church, Lower Sackville
b. June 22 – Scotia Speedworld
c. July 1 – 3 Digby Double
d. July 16 – Aldershot
e. August 6 – Aldershot
f. Sept 3 –Aldershot

4. Many, many thanks to James Partridge and Krista Nelson for registration, timing and scoring. Thanks also to Scott Montgomerie for tracking and tallying results and awarding trophies. Thanks to Scott Montgomerie and Joel Nelson for Slalom course design and layout, and to everyone who participated and offered their share of volunteer assistance to make our events successful.

5. Canadian AutoSlalom Championship were hosted by MMSC at Slemon Park, July 29-31, 2022. Several from ASCC attended, and trophies were won.

6. Use of the online SpeedWaiver caused some early anxiety. However, once it was established that a single sign-up for the season would be acceptable, matters were simplified. The availability of cellular data has not been a problem for addressing waiver requirements on site for any who were not able to sign up in advance.

7. I regret not being present for this meeting, and look forward to seeing everyone on course in 2023!

David Hewitt
2022 ASCC Solo Director

ARMS AGM – they are going to try for three double weekends for the regional events this year.

2023 Proposed Slalom Dates
May 13
June 17
June 30 – Digby Test and Tune
July 1 – Digby Day 1
July 2 – Digby Day 2
July 15
July 29
August 26
September 9
September 30

Rally Report

ASCC Rally Report 2022.

2022 has been a year of recovery attempts for Rally. Most major National Performance events have run well, and most have had spectator areas returning to a degree of normalcy. Jerome Mailloux and Phillipe Porier secured the National Championship.

Locally, we have successfully run several Regional Navex Rallies, but not enough to award a regional championship.

Performance Rally did carry on, but in the form of shorter Sprint events, due to organizer and entrant commitments. There were no Regional level events.

Club Rallycross is continuing, and it’s hoped that weather does not impact the season like it did last year, but the change in climate is certainly not being a friend to Rallycross facilities in the area.

The New Scotland Road Rally again had the wind taken from it’s sails, this time in the form of Hurricane Fiona. Organizer Jim Theriault states at this point it’s a personal vendetta, and the event will happen. It’s simply a matter of when.

ARMS AGM – Mal Swann has been elected regional rally director

We look forward to 2023 with hope that we return to pre-pandemic event levels and activity soon.

Yours in Motorsport;

Ian Pearce, ASCC

Race Report

2022 was finally back to somewhat normal life and TRAC Series was happy to get the year started. Thanks to the hard work from the sponsorship committee, we had new sponsors. It was awesome to have Libby Partridge on the social media side of TRAC to help with promotions. 

TRAC series again worked with Alex Brunt to help add track time in for lappers.

The race school was well attended and everyone made it through the day. Aside from some normal new car glitches and maybe a Subaru malfunction or two.

Junes Raceday went relatively smoothly with only a few issues. July and Aug where both dropped down to single day events due to costs and volunteer issues. This gave some the chance to get out and help clean up around the track. Lots of mowing and painting went on while new Sponsor signage went up.

Both Raceday’s where well attended and had great weather, aside from Aug being a bit too hot.  The East Coast Mini Stock Tour tried again to make it out but they were suffering from low numbers and the decision was made to cancel and look at another year. September was well attended and had great weather.

The year-end JCM was a rough one for many of us. With some very reliable cars failing to make the race start, it wasn’t long before issues started for cars on track. By the end of the race, there were almost as many cars parked broken in the paddock as there were on the track. Combine that with how cold it was that day; we all owe the Marshalls and volunteers a big thanks for staying all day and supporting us all year long.

Year-end fun was had at the AGM, not many changes for the 2022 season outside the season starting the very first of May. AMP has some updates being planned for Turn 2 and are looking to shut the track down mid September.

Last but not least a big thanks to all the sponsors, Carson Exports, KMM mechanical, Sensory Motorsports, Pit lane Sim Racing, Mackay Real estate, ISI automotive, First Class Glass, WCM Motorsports, Triple R tele/NBSCC, Talon Tire, DQ and The Tool Shed. 

Joel Nelson
ASCC Race Director

Proposed Race Dates 2023
May 6/7
June 11
July 9
August 20
September 17 – JCM

Presidents Report

ASCC President’s Report

Another year has come and gone and thankfully things seem to be returning to normal. No big shut downs, meetings and gatherings allowed again, vaxes and boosters and masks are routine now and people are getting more comfortable gathering again. We had a pretty decent season, numbers were down for the HPDS due to lack of instructors but we are working on that and hope to have better numbers next year. Shearwater was a no show but I won’t give up on that location yet. Aldershot worked out to be a pretty good location, a little far out for some but closer for others. The usual regional collection of rally crosses, races and solo events kept most of us busy and the weather, except for hurricane Fiona, was good.

I want to thank our dedicated executive and board members for keeping our events well run and organized and fun. Alan keeps close tabs on our membership, Brian watches our income and exhaust, Krista records all the important stuff and helps with timing and scoring, Scott and Dave tag-teamed the solo work this year, Ian kept us up to speed on the rally scene and keeps us safe on the track, Marc Vezina had to step away as race director which put Joel back in the job (thank you to you both!), and Chris channeled George for us when he thought we needed guidance.

And me? Well I will continue as VP for the region and President of ASCC for as long as I feel I can contribute. That doesn’t mean it’s a title for life, so if you wanted to help improve our sport and work with a fantastic group of like-minded individuals then please come and talk to us.

As is usual at our AGM we have many awards that are handed out to the competitors who have worked hard to improve their skills and their cars and we applaud them all for their effort. But the club also has a trophy called the President’s Award! Among the many names on the cup are me 1990, Brian Jarvis 1998, Ian Pearce 2004, George Sheppard 2010, Alan Gray 2013, Joel Nelson 2014, Chris Ward 2016 and Scott Montgomery 2017. In 2015 it was presented to Bruce Buntain and it was last presented in 2018 to Evan Williams. There are no names listed for 2019 to 2021 but for 2022 we have found a more than worthy

candidate. This person has helped out at meetings and at events, both race and solo, and is always cheerful, dependable and undaunted by the many technical issues that can occur as well as keeping our race director focused. The winner for 2022 is Krista Nelson. Woot Woot!

On a sadder note we lost an important member of our motorsport community this year. Wayne Schnare, who was president of ASCC for many years and then went on to be ARMS region president, passed away in October. Even after retiring Wayne kept busy helping out with stewarding at many different events, even managing to give George a hard time at the 2014 National Slalom in PEI, and many of us at some point in time were speared by his sharp wit. Some of you may remember that we have a Lifetime Achievement Award with the inaugural winner in 2015 being George Sheppard, it has not been awarded since and this year we would like to make a special presentation in memory of Wayne. Ralph Brooks has agreed to make the speech and kindly showed up to remind us of the many adventures that he and Wayne have had over the years. Helping with our celebration of Wayne’s achievements were his wife Liz.

What Ralph didn’t know was that we were also awarding this to him. Ralph has been involved with our club since the early 1970’s. He along with wife Cathy and his dad competed at many races in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Then he spent many years as race director and continues to contribute today, helping out on race day in the tower at AMP, instructing at our various schools and running the tires off his Mustang on lapping day.

So we thank Krista, Wayne and Ralph for reminding us of the value of dedication and good sportsmanship, and how lucky we are to have these people as part of our organization.

All the best to everyone in 2023.

Debbie Miller

License Registrar:

Looking at the process, getting people to become members of a club before they get their license.
Looking at getting a new card printer for licences
Received applications for one lapping card, and two race licenses already. Just waiting for the people to join and club before he sends out the licences.
Daphnee is going to shadow Pidge this year to learn the process of getting a license

Old Business
Has the ARMS AGM in Moncton this year
only change in executive is Brian Partridge is now the treasurer for ARMS

New Business
High performance Solo Director for ASCC. The Slalom director has been planning the HPDS for ASCC, We propose Shawn Luciano become a HPSD for ASCC and he can hold the HPDS and work with Alex for lapping and time attack days.

Motion to ratify the directions of the executive for 2022
Moves Shawn Luciano
Seconds Joel Nelson

President – Debbie has reoffered – no other nominations – Debbie by acclimation
Vice President – Alan reoffered – no other nominations – Alan by acclimation
Secretary – Krista reoffered – no other nominations – Krista by acclimation
Treasurer – Brian reoffered – no other nominations – Brian by acclimation
Directors will be appointed in January

2022 Slalom Trophies

Overall – 1st Place – Scott Montgomerie
Overall – 2nd Place – Steve Phillips
Overall – 3rd Place – Vince Wilson

Street – 1st Place – Zack Miller
Street – 2nd Place – Mathieu Bornais
Street – 3rd Place – Skye Mullen

Street Touring / CAM – 1st Place – Scott Montgomerie
Street Touring / CAM – 2nd Place – Vince Wilson
Street Touring / CAM – 3rd Place – Trevor Gray

Street Prepared / Street Modified – 1st Place – Steve Phillips
Street Prepared / Street Modified – 2nd Place – Michael Simms
Street Prepared / Street Modified – 3rd Place – Roberto Manazza

Prepared / Modified – 1st Place – Shawn Luciano
Prepared / Modified – 2nd Place – Joel Nelson

ISI Raw time Challenge – Steve Phillips

Rookie of the Year – Skye Mullen

Presidents Award – Krista Nelson

Lifetime Achievement –
Ralph Brooks & Wayne Schnare

Ralph Brooks shared memories of Wayne Schnare

Swap Shop
Bruce has a 1996 Toyota Tacoma Forsale
looking for steels rims for a Lincon 18 inch
Has a whole bunch of Road and Track magazines
has a set of 18” rims for a BMW for sale
Mid 90’s Merc SEC 560 $1200 for whole car
Chev S10 Race truck, ran in Kingston dirt track, needs transmission $1300

Skye Mullen is looking for stuff to start racing

Ian moved to adjourn
Seconded by Chris

2022 ASCC AGM Minutes

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