ASCC October Meeting
October 11, 2022
Riverside Pub


158 total members

145 were before September 1


4 outstanding cheques

$19560.31 in the bank once those are cashed

Last event of the season was cancelled due to Fiona. This was the end of our season.
Scott has calculated the results; he is going to post them for the competitors.

The price to store the van has increased this year. It is now $400.00

JCM was October 2nd past weekend. It all went smooth, no incidents, a lot of cars broke but no big contact or anything of the sort.
Started with 17 cars. 9 finished
Haven’t had as many sponsors as normal. Haven’t heard any numbers to know how much money we made.
Trevor made awesome trophies!
We handed out awards (gift cards) to the marshals.
Marshals gave out fun awards.

It was a good event.

We have extra shirts to sell. Leigh is going to work on a website to sell them.

We had a performance Rallysprint in September, last one of the season. One day two events. One ran in the morning, on in the afternoon. It Rained the whole day. Thank you to the volunteers. 4 entries.

Navigational Rally – New Scotland Road Rally has been cancelled/postponed again due to the hurricane the roads are not passable. He is going to try to reschedule.   

Jim is hoping ASCC will hold a navX in January.

Needs to be discussion at the AGM on what direction performance rally goes and if we can keep running events with 3 or 4 cars.

Clarke is stepping down as Rally director.

October 30th rallycross season starts.

New Business

AGM is November 11,12,13 at the Four Points by Sheridan in Moncton. Admin workshop is Friday night from 6-9. Saturday is the workshops. Awards will be presented at lunch time on Saturday.

Wayne Schnare passed away last week. He was the first president of ARMS.

ASCC October Meeting Minutes

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