ASCC September Club Meeting
September 13, 2022
Riverside Pub & Zoom

151 members
143 members as of September 1


$20300.00 in the bank

Last auto slalom of the season is September 24 at Aldershot.
We had 36 competitors at the last event. $20 entry fee. We need to make sure there are no parked cars for the next event.

Last regional of the season is in Moncton on September 25.

Last race was this past weekend. It was the last regular race of the season. We had 20 entries which is a little low.
There were a few issues, which were all delt with accordingly.
Huge Thanks to the marshals.

Next and final race of the year is the JCM three hour endurance on October 2nd.
ASCC will give sponsor donation of $500.00 for the JCM.

Several TSD over the last month, low entries Trout Lake Rally is a one day event September 18th – last performance rally of the year.
Last weekend Daphne was National Steward and James went with her to Rally Defi , there were 39 entries.
BAC had a rally cross, 16 entries.

Swap Shot
Looking for 245x40x18 tires
Nissan Sentra Spec V for Sale – no papers
Needs a started for an 06 Mercedes C350

Ian moved to adjourn
Joel Second

ASCC September Club Meeting

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