ASCC Monthly Club Meeting September 2021

Riverside Pub 7:30pm

$19211.58 in the bank
Few outstanding cheques still to be cashed

127 Members as of September 7 2021

Solo Report
AMP Event has 35 competitors, the lowest amount we could run AMP with.
Next event is September 25 at church
We need to purchase new radios before next year.

Need a new Solo Director – Scott is not reoffering.

Race Report
Race weekend coming up September 18/19 capped at 250.  Two day weekend with Lapping in between races. Hoping to have the East Coast Mini Stock Tour come.

Rally Report
Trout Lake Sprints went off far better than we might have had concern for. We were short on volunteers (stole service crews on Sunday to complete the stage crews) but it all worked in the end. Even used the Rally Trailer Generator to power our dinner when all of West Dalhousie lost power due to a down pole. No, no rally persons were involved in the pole.

9 cars started Saturday, 8 started Sunday. Whitman/Sleigh had an off on Sat and were not in the mood to wrench Saturday night, so they worked a time control.

Nationally Rally Defi occurred on the weekend as well in PQ, good event from what I know of it, stories and pictures etc.

Navex on 9th Oct in Windsor NS, and Final Performance event 17th Oct in Noel/Tennycape.

Swap Shop
Bruce is looking for two 15” tires to fit a 8” wide rim

Pidge has four 205 x 60 x 13 tires

Debbie has two 13” RA1’s with stickers

Joel has 13” rims to sell

September Monthly Meeting Minutes

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