Atlantic Sports Car Club June Club Minutes
June 8, 2021

Membership Report
We have 82 members

Treasurer Report
$17696.02 In bank account.
Paid the PO Box renewal. Owe Scott for refunds for HPDS

Solo Report:
We cancelled all June Events
We don’t have access to Shearwater this year, they are backlogged by military training.
We are looking at faze 4/5 before we can hold an event and that should be mid July if everything goes right.
We will reschedule Digby, Scott to talk to Ming about when he is going to hold Slemon. Debbie going to contact Digby airport to see if we are able to move the date. Hoping for Labour Day.

Looking like our first date will be July 24 at the Church, Debbie emailed them but hasn’t heard back confirming we can have the lot that day Yet.

HPDS Reschedule will depend on dates available at AMP

Rally Report:
In the same boat as everyone else. Waiting for restrictions to lift.
Calendar will have to Adjust
Stay Tuned

Race Report:
Hopeful for July Test and Tune
Waiting for Restrictions to lift and dates from AMP

June Club Minutes

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