Called to order 7:30

Treasurer $18663 in chequing, deposits for first two slaloms pending. Shearwater rental is cashed.

Membership report: 180 members. As of start of meeting. That might be a record .

Solo: 51 entered at night slalom. Prizes given out to fastest PAX. Lots of new members. 62 at church slalom. Next event this Sunday at shearwater, then Wednesday at SSW.  Scott is looking at a software update to help with run orders and registration speed up. We might need a new laptop. We now have a flour spreader to chalk courses. Digby is after that, for a t-shirt register by tomorrow.

Time attack will be June 23. Series of 3 events. Looking for an MC to run announcements. Need entries. Still only 5 paid time attackers. Sponsorship from Audi Halifax.

Race: first event had five at school. Race day had 13 in each group. No serious incidents.

Rally: rally sprint on tennecape road this weekend. BAC looking for Ham radio operators and route blocker. Navx rally two weekends ago had 10 entrants. Fall event for BATANS.

Old business: no

New: no


June General Meeting

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