Membership:69 members

Treasurer: $19290.52. $400 for hpds still outstanding.

Solo:need to clean solo trailer. HPDS full plus waitlist. ASCC Calendar up to date. Request from Pidge to ensure HPDS instructors have license and membership rewewed in advance.

Scott needs volunteer marshals for HPDS $30 club event credit.

Race: no news. Prices still not set.

Rally: Rally X season over. Last event had first second-time winner. Awards this Sunday at Freeman’s Lr Sackville, 6pm. Rally Sprint test and tune May 12. May 20, Navex in valley.

Old business: none

New Business: Nickolai R has refreshed the club site. Looks good. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Swap Shop: Brian has two Bridgestone re-71r for sale, 15-inch size.



April Club General Meeting

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