Treasurer: PayPal money resolved. $25902. Some cheques in and out not yet received or processed. Including arms levy and fees from Shearwater.

Membership: 192 members. 191 for 2017 region levy.

Rally: Lookoff was Aug 20. 11 competitors. Next rally Oct 15. Need volunteers. Navigation rally Sept 30 in Windsor, Oct 1 Hubbards.

Race report: last weekend had two offs. Both cars damaged, drivers not. Next race weekend will not have a practice to save schedule. Registration will close at 8:45. Late registration means no qualifying times.

Looking for a new gatekeeper for track weekends next year.

Solo: 2 events since last meeting. People are not sticking around to clean up after they do fun runs. May be a charge for fun runs in future. Commissionaires are arriving 35+ minutes late to gate. Debbie will address with them. Last ascc slalom is Oct 14.

Old business: No

New Business: SEPT 23 east coast Subaru club is having an event in Bedford crossing. We are donating up to 5 memberships for them to raffle for Ronald McDonald House. We will also have a display there.

Frank McCarthy is in charge of our nomination committee for Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame. We have nominated the Partridges. Are also nominating Derek Lugar, member since 1976. Also the club itself. MMSC is already a member. We are older. Frank McCarthy moves to approve nominations. Paul Susnis seconds. 16 members in attendance, all in favour.

Club AGM is December meeting. Will be at Riverside. Carting at Jan meeting.R

Region AGM is November 17-18. President is up for election and not reoffering.

Talk of 2 HPDS next year. 6 Shearwater events including one regional. Amp to be club event. One at Scotia Speed World, 2 at Digby.



September General Meeting Minutes

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