Membership report: 184 members

Treasurer: $18,310 in chequing. Some outstanding deposits and invoices. $2955 stuck in PayPal. Have made multiple attempts to resolve this with PayPal with no results. Will wait for 180 days to pursue legal action based on PayPal user agreement.

Solo:47 at night event. 2nd Shearwater was on 22nd. 52 entries. Used longer course, slightly faster. Took donations for fun runs. We are waiting for SSW invoice with correct charges. Price of Shearwater may go up to $40 next year.

Rally: rally sprint went well. New roads. Aug 19 and 20 is lookoff rally. 11 cars registered, including multiple from Ont and PQ. Charity event will let people ride in codriver seat for a fee.

Race: 4 students at latest school. 3 New cars at event, with the return of Leon!

New business: region AGM Nov 17-19 in Truro. Presented by ARRCA. President and Secretary positions are coming open.

Our Maritime Motorsports hall of fame nominator would like us to nominate Pidge and Charlotte for 2018. All in favour. They will prepare their nomination form.

Old: none

August General Meeting Minutes

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