Membership: 179 members for voting purposes.

Treasurer: $25496. 79 member levies for ARMS not yet billed. Last regional slalom not invoiced.

Solo report: Joel is speaking with Debert about using apron.

Rally: BAC is lookig to have navx in january or Feb. Trout lake ran well. Charlevloix had two local teams. Finished well. Big local rally will be Aug in 2017. Trying for a snow rally. Rallycross starts Nov 20. Rules for prepared class are now determined. Any changes = prepared. Novice class added.

Race report: nothing to report

Old business: ASCC AGM: trying for kartbahn. Food drive, pizza, club will pay for one session. Region AGM is dec 2-4 in Truro. Debbie is being inducted to Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame Nov 19.

New business: Joel suggested business cards with solo contact info and schedule on back.

November General Meeting

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