Meeting called to order at 7:30 by Alan G.

Membership report: 55 members at commencement of meeting.

Rally report: Ian P. No new news for regional rally. BAC club NavX rally scheduled for Apr 21st. The final rally cross of the season had 20 cars, including some performance rally cars. Wayne Pitts was the champion by 1 point. Looking to start again in November.

Race Report Alan G. Debbie is working on this year’s track guide. ARMS is looking for donations toward the transponders. We are looking into what this donation will provide to the club first. Race dates: School May 25, Race 1 May 26, Race 2 June 23, 3 July 14, 4 Aug 11, 5 Sept 22 and the Jack Canfield Memorial Oct 14th.

Solo Report: Brian P. Schedule confirmed, on website. Entry fees for slalom $25 for regional, $20 for club. First date May 4th at Stoneridge Fellowship Church in Lr. Sackville. Time attack schedule on website as well.

Need 8 current and 8 new competitors to have Time Attack scheduled for May 21st. June 9th will be a club lapping day. Racers in race cars welcome to come to time attack events. 50% off

Jul 14th Time Attack for racers registered in Jul 15th race.

Treasurers Report $12 357.69 in chequing. Sponsorship received from PBM construction.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10

April 2013 General Meeting Minutes

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