March 2013 Minutes.

Called to order at 7:30 by Debbie Miller.


Membership Report: Alan G. 40 paid and registered prior to today’s meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: Brian J. $13 677.08 in chequing, $682.03 in Paypal. Need to pay ASN fees and insurance. CARS fees paid, web hosting fees paid.
Solo Report: Brian P No update on having an event in Debert. Trying to firm up. Will decide if May 4th date will be school or regional before April 4th. Digby is confirmed moved to July 5,6 & 7. Preparing T-shirts. We will be putting the winning car on next year’s t-shirt. May need to order new eye for timing unit, but may not be necessary and will be delayed until need confirmed. It will be looked into if O’regans will be sponsoring the May slalom. Brian will investigate what will be needed to provide an LED timing display at slalom events. PDM construction would be willing to donate toward this. The classroom portion of the HPDS will be at SureShot in Lr. Sackville. There are 25 spots and it is filling quickly.

Rally Report : Ian P. Apologies for cancellation of NavX rally. Roads were not passable on event day. Trying to reschedule once roads are opened. Stay tuned. Prep in progress for Ledwidge Lookoff Rally Aug 25th. Hoping for Spectator stage and parc fermé in HRM. Looking for volunteers.

Race Report: Debbie M. Pre-tech available. They will come to your garage. Contact Trevor Grey to arrange. May 19th tech will be available at AMP before 1pm. Transponders are available and the system will be trialed after the HPDS. Lapping for racecars will be available May 19th after the HPDS. Formula BWM races are now in the race day schedule. Other open wheel cars will be allowed. Car #’s will not change between drivers. Entrants will need to specify during registration what driver will be in the car for each heat. Name on helmet is required.

Meeting adjourned 8:45

March 2013 General Meeting Minutes

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