Event #1 of the 2012 ARMS Time Attack Regional Championship

July 8th, 2012 at Atlantic Motorsport Park, Shubenacadie NS brought to you by the Atlantic Sports Car Club


Those who have pre-paid will be contacted regarding refunds.  We are sorry for the inconvenience!


This event is sanctioned by ASN Canada FIA and will be held in accordance with the ASN Canada FIA SoloSport General Competition Rules, the 2012 ASN Canada FIA National Time Attack Regulations, these supplementary regulations, and any ASN Canada FIA bulletins or event supplementary bulletins.

This event will run rain or shine!

We need a minimum of 12 competitors to proceed with this event!

This event will be a NON-PASSING Time Attack!

Event Location
Atlantic Motorsport Park, is located approximately 60km north of Halifax or about 40km south of Truro, via Highway 102

Directions: -Take Exit 10 off Highway 102, and head into Shubenacadie (2.3km) -At the stop sign, turn hard right onto West Indian Road (watch for the sign: Indian Brook / Mill Village / McPhee’s Corner) -Drive 2.6km, keep right (Look for the Motorsport Park sign) -Drive 2km, turn right onto North Salem Rd (Look for the North Salem / Atlantic Motorsport Park sign) -After 2.6km, the road will change to gravel. Drive on gravel road for another 2.2km -Turn Right onto Creighton Rd (Look for the Atlantic Motorsport Park sign) -Follow this road (1.2km) until you reach the Atlantic Motorsport Park gates
Check out AMP’s web site at www.atlanticmotorsportpark.com for more about AMP

Event Officials

Chief Organizer – Taylor MacArthur (ASCC SoloSport Director)
Senior Steward – Jason Smith (ARMS SoloSport Director)
Clerk of the course – Taylor MacArthur (ASCC SoloSport Director)
Chief Registrar – TBA
Chief Instructor – Brian Gay
Chief Timekeeper – Bluenose Autosport Club
Chief Scrutineer – TBA

Registration Info

$160 – per competitor


Documents and information

CASC-OR’s 2010 online database for car classing (you’ll need to register): http://www.macrocosm.on.ca/ccdb/

ASN Canada SoloSprint/Time Attack Regulations

ASN Canada FIA Self Tech Form  (this form is required as part of registration)

ASN Canada FIA National Regulations

Event Schedule

Registration and Scrutineering will be from 0800 to 0930
Drivers meeting – 0930
Practice session – 0945 – 1030
First run group on track – 1045
Lunch break 1200 – 1300
Timed sessions resume – 1300

Supplementary Rules and Regulations

1.0 These Supplementary Rules and Regulations, Supplementary Bulletins, the Event Schedule and event insurance will be posted on the official notice board.
1.1 All competitors must be a current member of an ASN Canada FIA recognized club or an SCCA recognized club. All competitors must have either a current SoloSprint license (or equivalent as required by their Territory) or a current Regional/National Road Race license. These will need to be shown on request at registration.
1.2 All competitors and pit crew must sign the insurance waiver and wear the provided wrist bands at all times.
1.3 All competitors not familiar with AMP can receive a driver orientation session before driving on the track surface, by special request only, before the Drivers Meeting.
1.4 No speeding/reckless driving will be tolerated on the paved/unpaved roads leading to AMP. This applies to all competitors and their crews. If anyone is caught speeding or reckless driving the applicable driver will loose his or her fastest time of the day (second fastest time will be used for scoring)
1.5 Clerk of the course reserves the right to drop/alter sessions. If a run session is dropped for one group then all groups would drop that same run session.
1.6 Drivers or one of their crewmembers must attend all drivers meetings.
1.7 All competing vehicles must have a fire extinguisher of minimum 2.5lb BC type secured in their car.
2.0 No passengers allowed during timed runs
2.1 Safe passing zones during practice/ instructional periods will be between turns 6 and 7 and turns 11 and 1. These will be marked with pylons. Passing is only allowed with hand signals given from driver of vehicle being overtaken. Overtaken vehicle will slow and let vehicle pass safely on the left.
2.2 Vehicles on track- Windows must be 3/4 up or all the way down. If all the way down it is highly recommended that you have either the proper safety window netting or arm restraints.
2.3 All sunroofs/ T tops must be installed and in their locked positions.
2.4 All convertible tops must be up and secured.
2.5 Red Flag – Used to inform ALL drivers to slow down immediately, to first gear speed, and proceed to nearest marshal station and await further instructions.
2.6 Yellow Flag – Informs the driver to slow down and make space from the vehicle ahead, but to proceed at a pace so as not to slow the vehicle behind. The lap on which the flag is displayed will not be scored and a rerun will be granted, for that lap.
2.7 Black Flag – proceed to the pit lane, stop at the first pit stall as you enter pit lane and await instructions to be given to you by the clerk of the course.
2.8 Fuelling is only permitted in the paddock area, not pit lane. All teams must have a fire extinguisher on hand during fuelling.
2.9 Please ensure that you have adequate fuel for the day, it’s a 20-30 minute trip for fuel. ASCC will have some fuel available on site, but not a lot.
2.10 Clothing- competitors, passengers and crewmembers alike should wear long sleeved shirts, and shall wear long pants, fully enclosed footwear (no sandals, etc) while in pit lane or the track.
2.11 Motorized vehicles- ( atv’s, motorcycles, etc.) Drivers of such vehicles must obey pit speed limit (15 kph) and drive prudently. Pit Lane and the track are off limits to all such vehicles unless permission is given by the clerk of the course.
2.12 Impound – After your run group has finished it’s allotted runs for the day you will be directed to the impound for 30 minutes where your vehicle will be available for viewing by your fellow competitors- leave your car open for inspection. Do not move your vehicle unless directed to do so by the impound marshal.
2.13 Car Modification info – in impound competitors shall make available upon request by fellow competitors, the preparation (PIP) schedule and, if the relevant option (s) are taken dyno plots and curb weight measurement detail. Failure to produce those materials could be cause for inquiry.
2.14 Below stock HP dyno plots will not be accepted.
3.0 Timing and Scoring:
Class Propositioning will not be used to calculate class championship points therefore Rules 3.2.2, 3.2.3, 3.2.4, 3.2.5 and 3.3.1 of the 2010 ASN Canada FIA National Time Attack Regulations will not be in effect.
3.1 The start and finish lines are located directly adjacent to the starters bridge.
3.2 Competitors will be divided into two or more run groups. Each competitor will have a total of 12 timed runs per day, 3 or 4 sessions on track each with 3 or 4 timed runs per session.
4.0 Awards:
Awards will be presented at the end of the Regional series on Sept 4th 2011
Overall Awards – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies
Class Awards – will be based on the following
1 trophy – for 1 to 3 competitors in class
2 trophies – for 4 to 6 competitors in class
3 trophies – for 7 to 9 competitors in class
(1 additional trophy for every 4 additional competitors in a class)

2012 ASCC/ARMS Time Attack Event #1

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