ASCC April Meeting
April 9, 2024
Freemans, Lower Sackville

Scott M, Brian P, Shawn L, Joel N, Scott H, Brian J, Alan G, Jim T, Krista N, Pidge, Ian P, Heather M,
Chris W, Zack M

67 Members

We have $15971.37 in the bank
All Cheques have cleared
Two Reimbursement cheques to write tonight

We purchased a new computer; Software works on it.

Dates are posted
Scotia has confirmed the dates we have requested
First date will be a school/event
May 11 – Stoneridge Fellowship Church
June 19 – Scotia Speed world
July 5 – Digby Test and Tune
July 6 – Digby Day 1
July 7 – Digby Day 2
July 27 – Stoneridge Fellowship Church
September 8 – Scotia Speed World
Looking at July 17 evening date at Scotia – waiting for confirmation on this date

Nationals in Quebec registration is open now. A few ASCC members have already registered.
Regional in Slemon is August 4-6. This is the only regional this year.

Going to get the van out of storage shortly.

27 people registered, 17 have paid deposits and 9 have fully paid
We have enough instructors right now for 17 students right now which is a good start
Food and Tow are on board.  
Church is reserved for meeting the night before.
Hoping AMP will be ready on time.

Race School should be posted any day
Full list of sponsors is in
Have new Trac t-shirts
Some new cars in the region

Ian has been contacted by regional board to review the new planed rule set moving forward – attended a three-hour conference call last week. They are looking down the road to make the rules more liberal.

PRC meeting for Performance Rally, agreed there would be two events one in June & September. Still discussing if one will be a sprint. Still having conversations.

Bluenose Navigational Rally is June 15

New Business
AMP AGM is Friday April 26 at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Truro at 6:00

Motion to Adjourn by Shawn
Second by Brian

April Monthly Meeting Minutes

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