December 12 2023
Freeman’s Little NewYork  7:30

: Brian Jarvis, Alan Gray, Debbie Miller, Krista Nelson, Joel Nelson, Shawn Luciano, Ian Peirce, James Partridge, Chris Pye, Heather McKay, Skye Mullen, Brian Partridge, Scott Harrod, Scott Montgomerie, Chris Ward, Zack Miller, Scott Lyons, Adam Whyte, Colin Macdonald, Bob Wilson, Vince Wilson, Bruce Buntain, Nick Roussakov, Gary Wang, Chris Salmon, Shawn Luciano, Mitchell Parker, Jim Theriautl

Proxys : Ben Brown, Brad Sellars, James Whitman, Mike Reese, Brent O’Connor, David Hewitt, Trevor Gray, Gordon Sleigh, Frank McCarthy, Andrew Mcgrath, Paul Mcgrath, Walter Tennant, Gary Spicer, Steve Philips, Justin Wilson, Andrew Mitchell


2023 total members 201

Have received memberships for next year and if anyone wants to get their membership Alan can do it tonight.


Intake this year $20220.64

Out this year $23410.16

Current Total in Bank $15,432.72

Solo report

ASCC 2023 Slalom Review

Being informed early in the season that Camp Aldershot was no longer able to host us; our season was shortened to the following events:

13 May – Stoneridge Fellowship

21 June – Scotia Speedworld

30 June to 2July – Digby Airfield

12 July – Scotia Speedworld

29 July – Stoneridge Fellowship

Though our total seat time for the year was not very high, we were able to successfully hold two slalom schools. The first being in the morning of 13 May at StoneRidge. With tight timings, we were able to get all of the brand new drivers making their arcs in the right direction, while the remaining of the near 60 entrants were arriving. The second school being on 30 June at Digby Airfield, there was not as many newer drivers, but there was plenty of frequent fliers looking to get more out of themselves and their cars. As for the competition, fierce as always, with tight battles in the results throughout.

A special thanks to all the volunteers that helped in the organization, setting up, and running of our slalom events this season. Even if the act seems small, any and all help in the process makes a world of a difference in making the events run well and on schedule. The following is a list of who readily comes to mind: Debbie Miller – Alan Gray – Krista Nelson – Brian Jarvis – James Partridge – Joel Nelson – Scott Montgomery – Dave Hewitt – Skye Mullen – James Riendeers – Tristan Keeping – Scott Lyons – Adam Whyte – Ryan Devost – Matt Bornais – Mitchell Parker – Austin Richards

Thank you,
Zack 2023 Solo Director

High Performance Solo Report

Had a Sucessfuls cool in may 29 licenses granted this year
kept a waitlist and partnered with other schools, we were able to get 50  people licensed this year

We have 14 students who have expressed interest in this years HPDS

Rally Report
2023 has been a year of some promise in the Atlantic Region. For the first time since Covid we have had a Performance Rally Season with 3 events. New areas of the province were explored and new roads used. No less than 5 teams travelled to events outside our region, and represented themselves well. ASCC members brought home the Regional Performance Championship in a good showing against stiff competition. More work is needed to get more of the dozen plus rallycars sitting in garages to come to events.

Navex Rallying continues to struggle. A new eye is being given to this issue for 2024, with some rule changes and other avenues being explored. Some new formats will be trialed, and new concepts introduced. It is hoped that these ideas will bear some fruit.

Rallycross continues to be steady. Like Slalom, venues are at a premium, and weather is playing an increasing roll in our facilities. This has caused date losses due to flooding and poor ground conditions. Regionally more clubs would be welcome to organize events in areas outside metro Halifax.

Climate change is playing an increasingly noticeable role in motorsport. This year the Lookoff Rally had to be moved to November due to unprecedented wildfire activity, and the closure of woods travel. Not a month later the province of NS suffered flooding and damage that is still being felt.

Nationally the Championship had some very large entries, including a near record 49 cars for Rally BDC. This almost capacity scenario made the event extremely well attended and viewed.

We look forward to 2024 with renewed hope and optimism

Proposed 2024 Dates
January 20 – ASCC Navigational Rally
September 21 – Trout Lake

Race Report

AMP has done paving roughly $400,000 in Pavement
ARMS has a new Race Director – Nate Perron
Self Medical in 2024 

Proposed 2024 Dates
May 25-26 school/Race1 

June 23 Race2 

July 21 Race3 

Sept 14 Race4 

Oct 12 JCM

Old Business
ARMS AGM was in Moncton a few weeks ago. Next year it will be organized by AFRA/AMNKA.
Bylaws were updated – there is a minimum membership now and other housekeeping updates. No change in Executive. License Register has changed from Pidge to Brent O’Connor with Pidges assistance. On the Solo side for 2024 there will be only one regional weekend which will be Slemon. We will still hold Digby and St John will still hold their event and you should attend; they just won’t be regional event.

Autoslalom Nationals are going to be held in Quebec in 2024.

Still looking for lots for Autoslalom

New Business
ARMS is having a booth at the Sports and RV show again this year on March 15,16,17. This is an anniversary year for the show. Reach out the Brian Partridge if you would like to help, need volunteers to work the booths.

Motion to ratify the directions of the executive for 2023
Moved Scott M
Second Brian P

President – Debbie has reoffered – no other nominations – Debbie by acclimation
Vice President – Alan reoffered – no other nominations – Alan by acclimation
Secretary – Krista reoffered – no other nominations – Krista by acclimation
Treasurer – Brian reoffered – no other nominations – Brian by acclimation
Directors will be appointed in January

2023 Slalom Trophies

Overall – 1st Place –  Steve Phillips
Overall – 2nd Place – Scott Montgomerie
Overall – 3rd Place – Zack Miller

Street – 1st Place – Zack Miller
Street – 2nd Place – Ashton Blonde
Street – 3rd Place –  Mathieu Bornais

Street Touring / CAM – 1st Place – Scott Montgomerie
Street Touring / CAM – 2nd Place – Vince Wilson
Street Touring / CAM – 3rd Place – Colin MacDonald

Street Prepared / Street Modified – 1st Place – Steve Phillips
Street Prepared / Street Modified – 2nd Place – Skye Mullen
Street Prepared / Street Modified – 3rd Place – Scott Lyons

Prepared / Modified – 1st Place – Joel Nelson

ISI Rawtime Challenge – Steve Phillips

Rookie of the Year – Ashton Blonde

Presidents Award – Shawn Luciano

Ian moved to adjourn
Seconded by Chris W

2023 AGM Minutes

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