ASCC February Meeting
February 14, 2023
Riverside Pub


 75 Members


$17762.41 in the bank

$1400 outstanding in cheques

We don’t have shearwater again this year. They aren’t doing Third Party Bookings again this year.

Digby is confirmed
Church is good for the May date and hopefully one other date.
Aldershot is confirmed
Scotia speed world is confirmed for the 21 going to try for a second date

The annual Solo trophy has been refurbished with two new panels on the bottom

Shawn has been in touch with Brian Gay. They are going to use the Church again for the classroom session.
Wayne is confirmed for medical
Debbie has contacted Joanne and Paul – they are good for lunch and tow.

Nothing new in Race.
There is a TRAC Race call next Wednesday
July race has been moved to from July 9 to July 16


Rallycross this Sunday at AMP, hopefully the weather cooperates.
Lookoff Rally June 3&4
Bluenose Navex Rally is April 22 or 23 – to be confirmed

New Business
ARMS is looking for Volunteers for the sports and RV Show March 10,11&12 at the Halifax Exhibition Center. Contact Brian Partridge or Alex Brunt if you would like to help out.
ASCC will offer a free membership and a one-day event coupon to win at the show.

Old Business
Bill Irving passed away.
Motion to make a $50 donation in Bill’s Name.
Seconded by Pidge
Motion Passed

Motion to Adjourn by Ian

February Monthly Club Meeting

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