ASCC July Club Meeting
July 12, 2022
Riverside Pub & Zoom


131 members


$22985.85 in the bank
Cash from the first three events to be deposit.
$700 in cheques written to be cashed.

Scotia Speedworld was a good event. One of our timing lights got hit and damaged but Scott was able to fix it.

1.     The final Slalom schedule was shared on Facebook several weeks ago. 3 Aldershot events were removed from the schedule that had been previously provided and posted. The remaining 4 events of the ASCC schedule are as follows:

a.     July 16 – Aldershot

b.     August 6 – Aldershot

c.     September 3 – Aldershot

d.     September 24 – Aldershot

2.     The annual Digby Double was held at Digby Airport, July 1-3, 2022. Test and Tune and two days of competition went off smoothly, although start on Saturday was delayed by the threat of lightning, and start on Sunday was delayed by timing set-up issues. Many thanks to Scott, Joel and Mike for course design and set-up, to Krista and Christina for registration and scoreboards, to Pidge, Cathy and Libby for timing and scoring.

Some of the radios got quite damp on Saturday, but they seem to have dried out OK.

I don’t know enough yet to be able to ask the right questions, but I feel that there is opportunity somewhere to streamline the process and make event-day set up of the timing computer quicker and easier.

3.       MMSC is hosting the Canadian Autoslalom Championship at Slemon, July 29-31. See their Facebook for details.

4.       SpeedWaiver seems to be working OK, with a single, annual waiver set up. It is a bit of a chore for any visitors on site on event day, but our regular participants seem to be fine.

5.       Thanks to Alan Gray for picking up new radios.

The two day weekend was cut down to a one day event. The maritime mini stock tour wasn’t able to come.
There was a track clean up day on Saturday. Some projects got completed around AMP
We had beautiful weather. No major issues.
Roughly 20-21 cars

Next race day is August 21.

Cars sent out a bulletin about a drivers suit and belts that have been available on Amazon and Ebay that is clearly fake. Just a notice to everyone that if you’re looking for safety gear, go to a reputable dealer.

Trout Lake Performance Rally Sprint is moved to Sept 17-18.

August 14 is Pidges Bluenose navigational Rally

August 27 is the Trail of the Kings navigational rally, it’s an all pavement event.

Cal has a bunch of Rally Cars forsale if anyone is looking for one.

New Business

We should have either in person or zoom meetings. Not a mixture of both. General meetings will now be in person only

Swap Shot
Bruce has a complete 1985 Nissan 300 ZX forsale $1000, T top, non turbo.

Bruce is Looking for 2001 Nissan Sentra SE. If you have one or know where to get one let him know.

Joel has 13” 4 by 100 aluminum wheels for sale.

July Monthly Meeting Minutes

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