Atlantic Sports Car Club November Meeting Minutes
November 9 2021
Riverside Pub


123 as of September 1, 2021
139 total members


A couple of outstanding payables
Stoneridge for three events, cheque to Debbie for Van Insurance.

Solo report

ARMS AGM solo workshop is November 20th, if you want to attend in person you should contact Ming, send him a email and let him know you want to go and attend in person.

There isn’t much to talk about in the workshop, the only thing on the agenda that will have some conversation around it will be Karts in Slalom. If you go by the ASCC course design rules for Karting the only place we could do it would be Slemon.

Passengers in regional events is also on the agenda.

Ming’s Position is also up for re-election during the AGM workshop

ASCC is still looking for a new solo director

Rally report

We had the final performance rally of the season.

Everyone had a pretty good time, people came to volunteer – Thank you

Next year, looking at three performance events, we will see how that develops

A Navex mid January is in the works, out of Bridgewater, keep your ears out for that.

Tall pines is the end of this month

There is a RallyCross this weekend


ARMS Workshop is 2:45 this weekend, if you want to attend don’t forget your Vaccine Passport. Send your name to Joel if you want to attend the meeting in person.

Joel sent out a list of Topics on the Agenda.

Old Business

ARMS AGM is coming up November 20-21 at the Cultural Center in Truro.

ASCC November Club Meeting Minutes

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