Atlantic Sports Car Club April Club Minutes
April 14, 2020
ZOOM Meeting
7:00 pm

Membership Report
We have 69 members

Treasurer Report
We have $18,384.92 in our chequing account. All Cheques are cleared.

Solo Report
Nothing New
Everything is cancelled until at least June 1 2020. No decision yet on what’s happening after that, waiting to see what takes place. We can’t really reschedule anything at this time because we don’t have what’s going to happen. When we can hold events again, we will just jump in at that time.

We did get the May date for the church; however, it’s been cancelled.

Rally Report:
Rally Baie des Chaleurs is cancelled for 2020.

New Scotland Road Rally, the planning is still going ahead, we will see what happens.

Nav -X Rally is delayed and uncertain.

No news for the Look off Rally and Trout Lake Rally, but they are probably impacted by Covid.

Performance Rally Rules should be posted shortly

Race Report:
Covid shut down the June Race. Potentially changing July as well. Nothing is set yet, waiting to see what happens. Once we get directions from the Government, go from there.  

We have one sponsor cheque.

Licenses: We have 6 or so that Pidge has put through.                                                    

There is a Region Presidents meeting April 19 2020 at 8:00 pm
Going to discuss cost of Race License – depending on the season may wave fee or lower it.

Other Business
No ASN yet.
We have gone ahead as a region and obtained insurance.
Waiting to see what can be salvaged for the schedule.   

Slemon/Nationals : PEI may be shutting down the boarders to tourism for this summer. Lots of show and tell.

ASCC April Meeting Minutes.

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