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Treasurer: need sea and sky invoice for 3rd shearwater event. $31,778

Race report: Race weekend went well. 15 cars. Day ended with an oil leak. Wasn’t reported until end of race day, so wasn’t cleaned in time. Race again this Sunday. Track is investigating getting a larger spreader to clean track more quickly in events of that nature.  ASCC has been asked to help feed marshals at JCM. Will contribute $200.

We also want to commemorate George S.  Will add a #44 to green flag.

Solo: Debbie will reach out to church and Digby again. Will try for5 at Shearwater and talk of dropping AMP over speed, course, and safety concerns. Done for this year. 3 events since last meeting. One Shearwater with 29, another with 69.

Rally: Lookoff had 7 cars. Very close finish.

New business: Subaru has asked if we want to participate in their fall event.

Region AGM Nov 17 in Truro. Club AGM Dec 11.

Pidge thanked the club for the wedding anniversary cake we provided to celebrate their 45th.


September General Meeting

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