Membership: 54


Rally: Rallycross going well. Navx went well.

Solo: 4 Shearwater and one church event confirmed. Plus Digby and a SSW Wednesday night. $280 for hpds May 21 and 22.

Alan ordered new cards with 2018 schedule.

Race: still quiet. Some online points discussion, nothing confirmed.

ARMS report: No major decisions made at last meeting.

New business: AMP AGM this Saturday in Truro. Club hasn’t made a recent donation to AMP. They have asked for one. Frank McCarthy moves to give $2,500 donation. Second Ian P. All in favour. 17 in attendance.

Questions for AMP meeting: what is food service situation for AMP, and what is gate control situation?

Question:does Ascc have policy on contributions for national level events? A: we have supported national event trips in past, but we treat it on a case by case basis.

Making Digby shirt and club shirt this year.

Old business: ASCC mourns the loss of hon. founding member George Sheppard, former members Shannon Churchill and Vint Lloyd.

Club requires new director at large to replace George. Floor nominated Chris Ward. Appointment made by Debbie M.

Brian J moved to retire George’s number 44 and name Solo trophy in his name. Second by Ian P. All in favour.


February general meeting

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