Membership report 158. Over 30 new at slalom.

Solo report: had hpds. Well attended, ran well. 29 students, two new instructors. No complaints from event. First Shearwater slalom had 59. Off site by 4:30.  Ran well. Next event June 21 at Scotia Speed world. Pre registration required.

30 registered for Digby. Tomorrow last day for early bird price.

Looking into food on site at Shearwater. Not permitted. Asking about increasing time of commissionaires. Looking at a different portable toilet vendor with better hours.

Rally: First regional of year. 7 entries.

Treasurer: $18,741, $2955 in PayPal. Brian is still trying to sort out PayPal access. Shearwater cheque not cashed, commisionare bill outstanding  SSW not yet invoiced.

Race: no report

Old business: No

New business:no


June General Meeting Minutes

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