Membership report:89 members

Treasurer: $19729 in chequing, $2850 in PayPal. Brian J still trying to sort out PayPal access for exec, but we don’t normally remove funds from that acct until end of year.

Solo: Debbie has a meeting at Digby with council. Is reaching out about Waterville airport, and mic Mac Mall will not return our emails. Food truck wants #’s for HPDS. We said 65.

Solo entry fee now $30. Still free to new members joining at event (club event). Putting George S’ #44 on hold.

Rally: rumours of new cars for region.  July 21 is rallysprint. June 11th is Navex. James Whitman is now a Hotbits suspension dealer/service. Only one  in region.

Race report: 9 for race school. Still no supp regs for first event.

Flagging/Marshal school is May 27. Contact Ian P if interested.

Old business: helmet liners have been delivered.

Vote on honorary members. Ian Pearce, James and Charlotte Partridge were brought forward at AGM.

Cineplex Park Lane is showing Green Hell,, the story of the Nurburgring May 25, 7pm.

Motion to adjourn Ian P.

May General Meeting

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