Membership report: 75 members

Treasurer report: Chequing 18,586, paypal $1446. RJSc dues and non-speed insurance outstanding.

Solo: hpds full. Some haven’t paid deposit. Looking at possibility of getting instructors for a second school. Have shearwater for 4 events, will soon be checking out where on their property it will be. ¬†Currently have 9 events scheduled.

Looking at replacement helmet liners. $55 each.  New Zamp helmets $175 for 2010, $220 for 2015. Will order liners.

Rally: rallycross ended last Sunday at Conrad’s pit. 58 entrants. Record entries for the season. Next NavX June 11.

Race: vintage race: qualify and 2 races for vintage cars. $250 for vintage and can add regular races for $100. 1987 or older, must be approved. New driver pricing: $150. Experienced driver add on for $150 per race. Now valid 5 consecutive races, not 1 year. Race school $350, includes May race. Race license is $150. Pro stock class rules on arms site. $150 per race. Open wheel unsure of attendance. James is working on a simplified rule book.

Old business: no

New: don’t forget to add region Gmail calendar to your calendar.



March 2017 meeting

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