The ASCC HPDS is coming up, May 22-23. Classroom will be in Lower Sackville on the 22nd, with the driving component at AMP the next day. Click here for all the details and how to register.

If you want to enter lapping or time attack events, you NEED an ARMS licence. If you don’t have one, this is where you get it. More lapping licence schools may be held later in the year by other groups, but this is the big one.

ASCC High Performance Driving School, May 22-23

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2 thoughts on “ASCC High Performance Driving School, May 22-23

  1. Interested in your club. I currently live in Ohio but may be re-locating to Halifax area with my S 2000 in the next year or so. Will be visiting my son in Dartmouth in early May. Hope to go to your May 10 meeting & say hi.

  2. Hi
    I just completed the BMW advanced driver training and would like to get my novice lapping licence.
    Thank you

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